Classic Brjulé cream

Classic Brjulé cream

Classic Brjulé cream

Classic Brjulé cream


Brjulé cream (crème brûlée French, literally heavenly cream) is a famous French dessert of custard with caramel crust. Brjulé cream is prepared and served in earthenware or ceramic portion moulds. Due to the fact that the homemadedessert used only egg yolks instead of whole eggs, the result is a smooth, gentle and very rich cream, almost without the typical egg smell. The most sparklein creme Brulee is a caramel crisp!

Keep in mind that the total cooking time is about 5:00, i.e. plan beforehand, but almost all of this time, the product was preparing myself, work 1020 minutes.


  • Cream — 500 ml
  • Yolks — 5 pcs
  • Sugar — 70 g
  • Vanilla sugar — 2 tsp. or vanilla pod

For the caramel crust:

  • Brown sugar — 70 g
  • Powdered sugar — 30 g
  • Fruits and mint for decoration


Rub the yolks with the sugar and vanilla until light sand color. Gently heat the cream, pour a thin stream into their yolk mass and stir gently. Pour the cream into small molds. We put them in a deep pan. Fill the pan with hot water until about the middle of molds and send the pan in the oven, preheated to 120 degrees for 60-80 minutes. We take out the cream out of the oven, cool and send it in the fridge to solidify for 3-4 hours. Сaramelised frozen dessert. Sprinkle with brown sugar cream on top and melt it by placing in a well-heated oven to «grill» function.

Classic Brjulé cream can be prepared for the festive table, as well as Roast duck with apples and quince.

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