Cocotte eggs — tasty nutritious meals

Cocotte eggs — tasty nutritious meals 

Cocotte eggs

Cocotte eggs

 Сocotte eggs — breakfast that will appeal to fans of the original hereby food and gourmets. He has a very unusual taste, because it blends perfectly with the fish eggs!


  • Canned fish is 125 g
  • Tomato0.5 šterb
  • Green onions-1 stalk
  • Spinach or parsley10 g
  • Cream (FAT 20%)50 ml
  • Egg1 piece
  • Сheese50 g
  • Butter5 g


Mash fish fork and spread on bottom of buttered formTomato cut into slices, onion chopped, put over the fish, cover with spinach or parsley, pour the cream.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Top break the egg and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake for 20 minutes at 1356° f until golden brown.

You can also Cook in a water bath. Regular Tea-Cup greased with oil, release them for 1 egg. Cover cups saucers and put in broad flat pot with water. Water should not reach the edges of the cups. Heat water and Cook eggs in cups, while protein fully thickens. Cover the cups! At the bottom of the Cup with egg you can put mushrooms, cheese, ham.

Buns with cheese — wonderful, hearty recipe that you can treat your loved ones.

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