Cod Pil-Pil — quick recipes

Cod Pil-Pil — quick recipes 

Cod Pil-Pil

Cod Pil-Pil


It seems ever since I first tried it this way, the only way cod and cook. This classic recipe called Cod Pil-Pil, invented where cod and olive oil in a special premium. Spaniards and Portugueses understandably prepare this dish of salted codbut this is completely optional — tasty Сod Pil-Pil is no less wonderful is obtained from fresh or defrosted fish. The main highlight here is thick, viscous sauce like mayonnaise, which literally born in a pan while cooking the Cod …


Complexity — medium

Time — 20 minutes


Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 400 g fillet of cod
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Optionally — 1 spicy pepper
  • Salt
  • black pepper



Let the cod is cooked slowly in butter — not fried, but rather stew. After a couple of minutes you will notice that the fish start to secrete juices that mingle with the oil, resulting in a pan barely opaque, formed the gurgling «Islands» thicker consistency. Start gently rotate Pan without removing it from the plate to the juices of cod were mixed with oil, forming a thick emulsion. Halfway turn the pieces of fish that it appeared evenly and at the end you should ideally be tenderfish in a thick sauce, a mayonnaise.


How to make sauce

What kind of kitchen magic? Actually, this emulsion stable mixture of oils and fluids, which really is formed in the same way as a normal homemade mayonnaise. But in practice, especially at the beginning, the sauce can turn out not once, so put the fish on a plate, cover with foil and shake the contents of the Panand whisk to form a sauce. If he doesn’t want to get denser, cod has allocated too much juice, and as only a fraction of them has evaporated, everything will be fine.

If you want to cook the cod with piquant flavor, add the thinly sliced Chile sauce for a minute before the dish is ready. Then lay the fish on plates, drizzle generously with sauce and enjoy.

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