Combine products for maximum benefit

Combine products for maximum benefit

Nutritionists argue: If you combine useful with pleasure, you get even more useful.It is only important to do it right.

«The combine products of their components behave synchronously. As a result of which the body draws from eating maximum benefits, «explainsnutritionist Elaine Magee. Take advantage of this valuable knowledge and our recipes.
Nut + bell pepper

Nut + bell pepper

Nut + bell pepper = explosion of energy

In the diet of each fifth woman not enough iron. But it‘s something and gives us energy. But the situation is not rectified, if just got rich this micronutrient consumption. «The Iron coming from products of vegetable origin, poorly assimilated said nutritionist Heather Mendžiri. It turns out the source of cheerfulness, contained in legumes like chickpeas, flies past the ticket office?

Not panikujthere is a solution: add red peppers in the dishes. Vitamin c containedin paprika, as key opens for your red blood cells bins full of useful trace mineral. Toss in a bowl of Roasted Peppers, when Cook homemade hummus (you can still dunk finished product sliced Julienne Crimson fruits), or customise chickpeas and chopped paprika vegetable salads.

Tomatoes + olive oil = tender skin

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant contained primarily in tomatoes reduces the harm caused by abnormal Sun. If you want your skin Additionally became softer, fill up with the tomato salad with olive oil. Vegetable fats help likopinu better be utilized. The results of the study, published in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that people who have eaten a lot of olive oil, less wrinkles.

In addition, tomatoes and butter just created to have them together in the form ofbruschetta or salad Caprese. Cosmetic effect from Mediterranean «pairs» can be strengthened. Potuši for three hours at low heat (at 110 degrees) plum tomatoes in olive oil (with heat release more lycopene).

Broccoli + Eggs = life without PMS

We have good news for you-it seems to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of PMDD, enough to go to the nearest supermarket. According to the study, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, women who receive the necessary amount of dietary calcium and vitamin D, 3040% less likely to suffer from PMS.

So one must look at the supermarket? Broccoli and eggs. Green buds are rich in one of the most legkousvaivaemyh forms of calcium, and eggs are the best natural source of vitamin D. These two products is the easiest way to merge in omlette or frittate-Italian fried eggs with filling.

Spinach + avocado = keen eye

«In spinach is full of useful for vision lutein and vitamin A. In avacado them even more, besides the pulp of the fruit is rich in» good «fats, needed by the body to dissolve these nutrients,» says nutritionist Hope Barkukis.
Spinach + avocado

Spinach + avocado

If you’re in the kitchen kosmopolitka (after homemade hummus we already have no doubt) and cook Mexican cuisine itself, to give kesadil′e and Tako chopped spinach. Another option is Spinach Salad with avocado dressing (green fruits puree, lemon juice, olive oil and seasoning to tastecome down and call a mixture of garlic, salt and pepper).

Oatmeal + Apples = healthy heart

The Oatmeal contains beta glucan and avenantramidy protecting your vessels from cholesterol. Usil′ wellness effect morning porridge Apple slices (just not srezaj skinit contains a large part of the nutrients). In fruit flavonoids are important antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and, in addition, are struggling with inflammatory processes. Obžar′ Apple slices lightly with the cinnamon in a small amount of butter, then cut myself and add to hot cereals.

Yogurt + Crushed seeds of flax = very good digestion

Do you live in the intestines of about 400 species of bacteria. Some of them are good for health, others not so. If «bad» microorganisms becomes more than good, you start to feel heaviness in the abdomen.

Yogurts, designed specifically to establish the digestion, contain probiotics are «good» bacteria. But some fermented milk products, the situation is not correct. To survive and propagate, probiotikam need Prebiotics-special vegetable fibers, whichare rich in flax seeds, for example. Restore and maintain a healthy balance in the digestive system is very simple: Add a teaspoon of crushed seeds into yogurt. Wantmore complicated? Make fruit and yoghurt Parfait, which crushed flax seeds will be responsible for the crunchy texture.

Green tea + lemon juice = cancer prevention

Green tea is rich in polyphenolskatehinami that suppress the growth of cancer cells. Unfortunately, however, these fighters in the stomach have tightonly 20% survive. Researchers at Purdue University have discoveredif to squeeze in a cup of green tea catechins, acquire the properties through which survives is already 80%.
Green tea + lemon juice

Green tea + lemon juice

If you squeeze a slice of lemon in a cup of green tea, it is four times more effectively protect you from cancer.

To increase the healing effects of polyphenols, add a teaspoon of sugar to the drink (it is just 16 kcal). Thanks to the sweetness of catechins are shifting into a form which is three times more easily digested.

Pasta + balsamic vinegar = flat stomach

Uminaeš′ lunch plate of pasta and a few hours later again want to eat? Add in the dish of balsamic vinegar. «Acetic acid slows down the digestion of glucose contained in starch-rich products and blood sugar rises and falls more slowly,» says nutritionist Carol Johnston. Thus, helps to control the feeling of hunger, and you hardlyeat extra to dinner. As shown by research conducted at the University of Arizona, add two tablespoons of vinegar to the containing quick carbohydrate meal slows the growth of sugar content in the blood of 20%. So feel free to obtain pasta mix olive oil with balsamic vinegar.

Chicken + carrot = Strong immunity

It’s hard to find a root crop, which would be more vitamin a, needed by the body to fight infections. But such a useful antioxidant without enough zinc, which many inchicken, beef and pork, like firewood without matches. You need zinc for absorption of vitamin a, otherwise he won’t get where you want to and the body will not be able to use it. Chicken breast and fireHare-do it to him carrot salad (shredded root, lemon juice, Sesame and refilling on taste and vegetable oil, or sour cream).
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