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Cordon Bleu — best recipes 

Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu


All those who have at least a little interested in gourmet cuisine, for sure, have heard about Cordon Bleu. This dish cannot be called normal or everyday, it is often served in restaurants of haute cuisine, and in the face of the House is always a festive and delicious food, which, by the way, knows how to cook not every hostess.

Внешне кордон блю может напоминать обычную котлету, но весь секрет кроется именно в том, что у нее внутри! Под аппетитной золотистой корочкой скрывается сочная начинка из лучших сортов твердого сыра и ветчины, которая появляется совсем внезапно – от легкого нажатия вилкой и острым ножом.

Around this unusual dishes so far have been disputes over whether the traditional kitchen of the country can be attributed to his recipe. For example, the doormen insist that in their history there is plenty of evidence of Swiss roots Cordon Bleu, but the French too so just do not give up and constantly find similarevidence in response.

But, in fact, it is not so important, the main thing is that the secret of cooking so successful dishes were able to master the many chefs in the world, so its nothard to find in the menus of restaurants in many countries. But, by and large, if you are not exactly breathe to culinary art and always ready to try something new, then to cook Cordon Bleu is quite real and in your own kitchen. How? Now we all will tell.

Cordon Bleu cooking

Cordon Bleu cooking


What is cooked

In a classic performance as the primary ingredient is fresh beef tenderloin. If you have two thin slices, they beat off, and then fasten, but if you have one, butthick piece, then cut inside the Pocket, which will subsequently be invested toppings.

In modern recipes cooks often recommend using chicken or tender pork chops, here too as more like it. The main thing is that the meat was very fresh and tenderwithout lived and cartilage.

As fillings usually use hard cheeseoriginal Swiss Raclette varieties or Gruyèreand smoked ham. In principle, the cheese can be substituted for any availablehard variety, but of course, only using original ingredients, you can achieve the same «unique taste dishes.

At the final stage of meat with stuffing should be triple breaded with flour, almonds, eggs and biscuits. Here are, in principle, and all! As you can see, nothing complicated, Yes and quite ordinary products, the main thing is to observe the entire cooking technology.



  • chicken fillet6 pieces (the three breasts)
  • bread crackers-1.5 cups
  • eggs3 pieces
  • hard cheese 350 g
  • Ham6 pieces
  • mustard1.5 tbsp
  • flour, salt, pepper



To start you must cheese grate, and then distribute it evenly on each slice of ham. Ham stuffed with turn into a thin roll. Further deal with chicken: a sharp knife with one side cut pocket.

In the finished hole add spices to taste, and then put ham cheese roll. To Pocket is not disclosed, it can be pierced with a wooden skewer, or on 15 minutes to send in the freezer. Further-Breading.

Prepare two comfortableone with flour and another with the crispy crust. In a third Bowl, whisk the eggs together with the mustard, then each breast, then roll in mixture. Order this first dip the meat in flour, then egg and finally in Mackayin breadcrumbs.

Breasts spread on prepared baking sheet, parchment covered previously. Sendour dish in preheated oven: bake on bottom shelf for about 15 minutes at a temperature of 430° f, and then physically move around the middle of the oven and reduce the temperature to 390° f, then bake for about 20 minutes. Cordon Bleu is ready!


A few interesting facts

The name of the dish with the French language can be translated as «Blue Ribbon«. Why such a strange name? Some sources claim that it is using the Blue Ribbon French King Louis awarded their best chef.. There is another name-the name of the dish has gained thanks to the chef, who was enthusiastic about the blue ribbons in their hair blond girls who played nearby in the garden.

In 1895 was opened a school of culinary arts and Le Cordon Bleu excellence, which today has more than 30 branches worldwide, and receive her diploma forchef means highest degree recognition of his skill.

If after cooking cordon blue you have chicken legs and wings, can cook Grilled chicken


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