Cream Sauce Chicken

Cream Sauce Chicken

Cream Sauce Chicken

Cream Sauce Chicken


Recipe Cream Sauce Chicken is cooked on festive occasions, especially fragrant turn out chicken in a creamy garlic sauce. Chicken in creamdish is very tender and juicy!


  • Chicken — 1 piece
  • Lemon — ½ pieces
  • Olive oil — 60 ml
  • Garlic — 6 cloves (3 whole, crushed 3)
  • Olives without stones — 40 g
  • And also: dry chamomile, seedless grapes
  • For the cream sauce
  • Bouillon — 0.5 l
  • The yolk — 1 piece
  • Cream — 200-250 ml
  • Herbs: parsley and basil
  • Dried herbs (Italian)



Chicken to cut into pieces, rub chamomile, garlic and vegetable oil. Make deep cuts and lard chicken halves of olives, grapes, garlic, and thin slices of lemon.

Bake under the foil in the oven at 392 F.

For the sauce

Heat the broth with sprigs of greenery. Pour in the cream and cook for 10 minutes. Add egg yolk and mix well. Baked chicken placed in a baking dish, pour the cream sauce. Bake a foil at a temperature of 356 F for 20 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

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