Cured Meat — Cooking Secrets

Cured Meat — cooking Secrets

Cured Meat

Cured Meat


Cured Meat is one of those snacks that it’s perfectly possible to prepare yourself at home. Agree, dish cooked at homeit is always better to purchase, because you always know what ingredients were used in it, confident for its quality and freshness.

Jerky is a great dish that can become as a substitute for the sausage in the daily diet, and incredibly delicious festive delicacy.

Cured, along with conservation and smoked, it is another effective and, more importantly, delicious method of long-term storage of meat and fish products. Cook jerky at home is easy, it does not require any special cooking skills, but be patient and still have to.

To get incredibly tasty and flavorful meat a delicacy, it is necessary to work hard as well as patiently wait for the end of the production process, which can last from 2 to 4 weeks.



Generally a jerk can not only meat products (pork, beef or even venison), but fish or bird here, so to say, a matter of taste. We consider the process of drying the sample of fresh pork. If everything is done correctly, the result will exceed all expectations. So, what of the ingredients we will need:

  • pork — 1 kg
  • Bay leaf — to taste
  • Pepper pot — to taste
  • red pepper — to taste
  • cumin — to taste
  • coriander, paprika powder and dry buds of clovesto taste
  • water — 1 liter
  • Salt — 4 tbsp

Harvesting of brine

So, if you don’t know how to cook a delicious cured meats, then read carefully and gain the necessary knowledge: we will start with the preparation of brineof spices. By the way, this is a very important step, which is very important to cook come up correctly.

Per liter of water to put 4 tablespoons heaping of salt: it is important that the salt concentration was sturdy enough, because in the process of salting meatwill make juice that reduces saturation salt brines.

This will add bay leaf, cloves and allspice, Pan put on a small fire and give it to boil, then reserve the brine aside to cool before you touch it. Then all the seasonings you can get out of it and throw it away, they no longer need us.


Preparing pork

Preparing pork


Preparing pork

Meat flesh wash under running water, slightly press hands and then spread ondry wipes, give the remains of water drain. Then using a sharp knife trim the pork, remove tape and marbling. Well, if the meat had the form of a cylinder or a rectangle: so its easier to wrap in cheesecloth and dry.

Don’t forget, if you have a meat ingredient not fresh and frozen, then it must be thawed, but do it solely by natural means: using microwave ovens or hot water is excluded.


Prepare a mixture of spices

Phase equally important, if you will, of course, try to get a really yummy and delicious results. Talk in the exact number of how many spices you want to use,we will not, as in this case have to rely solely on your own taste buds, and the complete feeling of clarity will come only with practice.

So, Laurel break into small pieces and put it into the mortar. Track spread it paprika, black peas, coriander and cumin. Mix thoroughly all ingredients and rubbed his. The resulting mass poured in a small bowl and here we add a little salt and a decent amount of red pepper, because it is a good preservative for meat.


Cured meat

Prepared pork place in cooled brine, cover with lid and put in the fridge for 3 days. Don’t forget every day his turn in the brine for 2 times. Meat must be fullydrown in the liquid, and time in brine can vary depending on the size of the piece. On expiry of meat spread on paper towel to dry.

Then put it under the oppression and give during the 1:00 drain water remnants. Further smear it evenly in spices, wrapped in a clean cheesecloth, put in a deep saucepan, cover with a lid and put in the refrigerator for a week.

Through 7 days we obtain meat from Marley, again dip it into prepared spices(they need to be redone), again wrapped in a dry and clean gauze, have started new thread and hang in a well ventilated area at 1.52 weeks. On expiry of the meat is completely done, you must get it from Marley and cut into thin slices.


If you’re going to jerk meat in the summer, it is best to hang it on the kitchen a cornice or a clothesline on the balcony with the sunny side. In winter it can be dried over the battery or near a gas stove.

To a common basket of spices it is add ginger, if you will, of course, love this Spice: she can do well improve the taste of the finished product.

It can be used to 2 Ingredient Simple Snacks

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