Dairy products — friends of the organism

Dairy products — friends of the organism

Dairy products

Dairy products

Butter, cream, cheese, and even sour cream, yogurt, kephir-any of dairy products is incredibly useful to your body. Read, memorize, prepare.

Institute of nutrition RAMS recommends that honest citizens to consume dairy products three times a day. If Pro natural yoghurt, kefir, cottage cheese and cheeses, we also only. With them you will receive 80% of daily calcium intake of lactic acid bacteria necessary for healthy digestion, and protein for forest activity.


Yogurt or cottage cheese

The content of valuable protein: cheese
In natural yogurt about 2 grams of protein per 100 g curd20 g
The content of lactic acid bacteria: yogurt

A number of scientific studies confirmed that regular consumption of yogurt normalizes intestines microflora positively affects the irritative plus helps get rid of the extra pounds. This is not a reason for pride?

Phosphorus and calcium: cottage cheese

Better saturates: cottage cheese

So our brain works that drinking yoghurt does not seem to him a full mealand the desire to eat something after it occurs quite often.

Low acidity: yogurt

Due to the high acidity of flavored low-fat cottage cheese often causes heartburn. Yogurt with noit is recommended even for gastritis. (If the product has already managed to annoy you, try the new versionsharp — sweet yoghurt).

Easy to cook at home: yogurt

Would fermentand make homemade yogurt is easy and for making cheese and needed skills.

Total: in the best traditions of friendly matches, with a score of 3:3 the friendship won.

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