Duck Rillette

Duck Rillette

Duck Rillette

Duck Rillette

Rillette appeared in France in the XVI century, but until the XVIII century rillette cooked pork only. In the XVIII century appear rillette of birds, including ducks. Classic duck rillette strongly fat. If you remove excess fat, Pate will be more dietary.


  • Duck — 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs and 2 wings
  • Orange — 1 piece
  • sprigs of thyme — 3 pieces
  • bay leaves — 2 pieces
  • ground black pepper — 1 tsp..
  • salt — to taste
  • Cognac — 1.5 tablespoons



Disassemble the duck into pieces: the lower leg, thigh, wings and breast. Breast aside for Skewers of duck.

With the pieces of duck, remove the peel. Peel and finely slice the duck fat, put in a saucepan and drown for 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring periodically. Sliced duck Put into a form, add pre-cooked duck broth (200-250 ml), brandy, thyme, bay leaves, and 1/3 of melted duck fat from the skins.

Cover with foil shape and bake at 356 ° F 1,5-2 hours.
After that cool the meat, disassemble it on fiber and salt. Add half of the fat that remained, and mix. Mass lay out in molds and fill with oil residues.

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