Edible flower garden

Edible flower garden

Edible flower

Edible flower

Violets, lilies for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner roses … Definitely edible flowers cannot be attributed to accompany offline. However, in the world of flora there are many representatives, able to transform your plate.
Flower recipes lately has become a very popular destination and has already got their faithful fans. But it is not new for, because to use flowers in cooking began hundreds of years ago in China, Greece and Rome.

Add colors in the usual dishes will help give them a pleasant fragrance and exotic spicy flavor. Of the colors most often prepare salads, jam, add tea and decorate desserts.

In addition, it is possible to prepare flower ice for cocktails. To do this you needto half fill containers for ice water, invest in each cell of each flower and freeze.When the upper crust of icewater and refill will once again send in freezer.

Sandwiches flowers

Sandwiches flowers

A few tips

The most important thing in choosing flowers is confident that flowers really edible, poisonous, not as well as not handled any hazardous substances collectedaway from highways. Make sure the colors, otherwise eaten meal may lead to irreparable consequences!

It is best to use flowers for food grown with their own hands. In flower shops and shops also do not look edible flowersbouquets are sold not for eating.

Use fresh cut flowers or dried (dry can be outdoors or buy in a drugstore) and eating eat only the petals.

Carefully wash the flowers, remove the pistils and stamens, bitter place. Flowers are a great decoration for any dish, and can be one of the ingredients of salad, jams, sauces, drinks and sandwiches. Flowers can be decomposed into ice trays,cover with water and freezeturn out original cocktail decoration.

Before you can use flower food, try one petal and decide whether it fits with the dish. Emptying stands to refrain from using colors.

Attention! Hazardous to health: flowers tomatoes and potatoes in a pot, violet (saintpaulia fialkocvetnaja), hydrangea, Lily of the Valley, narcissus, sweet pea, Lathyrus, rhododendron, Euphorbia, Amadeus, Hellebore, bobovnik, wisteria, fragrant Brugmansia, buttercups, oleander, mezereon, Belladonna, conium, EuropeanEuonymus, Jerboa, Digitalis purpurea.

Soup, decorated with flowers

Soup, decorated with flowers

What kind of flowers you can eat?

Let’s start with the Queen of flowers — roses. The use of fragrant rose petals in your food is no longer new to us. Rose often prepare jams, decorate desserts, ice cream and salad. By the way, dark light flavored varieties of roses. Wild rose petals are also suitable for brewing tea and cake decorating.

Miniature flowers and buds of roses can decorate ice cream and desserts, largepetals sprinkled with desserts or salads. Summer version — freeze petals of ice cubes and serve with water, cocktails or punches.

Nasturtium petals are light spicy, peppery taste. Therefore, this flower is quite appropriate in light salads with lots of ingredients. Also not bad in casseroles.

Flowers and petals of violets are beautiful and tasty in a glass of champagne with chocolate desserts, cakes and pastries, and ice cream. You can eat in the main dishes, hot, stew and wine sauces. Harmonizes well with meat salads.

Large yellow Zucchini Flowers is one of the most delicious edible flowers. Theyare eaten raw, adding to salads, stuffed with various fillings, fried in batter.

Lavender added to mixtures of herbs when cooking meat, seasoned with flowers desserts ranging from baking to a variety of jellies, flavored cream, broth, sugar. It has a fairly intense taste, so you need to use it with extreme caution.

Small petals of Marigold are applicable in meat and fish soups, pasta dishes andrice as a filler for butter, in salads.

Flowers and petals of lilies are suitable for decorating complex salads or cakes,and yet they can be sugar and use to desserts, or as a stand-alone goodies.

The petals of daisies you can sprinkle on salads, open sandwiches, boiled vegetables before serving, use them as fillers for butter, with dishes of pasta and rice.

The leaves of dandelions are full of vitamins. As fresh as they have a pleasant bitterness, which is combined with a more delicate salads. And from the flowers of dandelion cook delicious Summer Jam.

Flowers and petals garden geranium can be sprinkled with desserts, consume them in long drinks and cocktails, or freeze in ice cubes to flavor a boiled and baked apples and pears.

How to best use

Orchid. This flower is beauty, nobility and elegance is in no way a rose. Orchid sugar and adorn their desserts, fruit salads, and in France with orchids serves cheese and truffles.

Calendula, Dianthus, Nasturtium. These flowers are not only beautiful, but alsopleasant to the taste, have a spicy and spicy flavor.

Cupcakes decorated with flowers

Cupcakes decorated with flowers


Flowers arugula, basil, onion, garlic, cilantro, dill, fennel, oregano, Rosemary, Sage, thyme, saffron. The aroma and taste of these colors are similar to the corresponding leaves (herbs, spices), more familiar to us.

Cornflower field, Daisy, dandelion, clover. Cornflower is the bitter cup, so avoid its use. Daisy is a popular and useful additive to tea, and other beverages. Dandelion can be eaten raw, its young flowers have a delicate taste. However, known cases of poisoning from raw dandelions, so be careful! Dandelions are most commonly used for making jam, wine and jelly. Sweet to taste clover flowers, they also have a slight lakrichnym.

Flowers citrus, apricot, peach, Apple. The flowers are lemon, Orange, grapefruithave a sweet taste, smell nice and low. Will be an excellent complement to the various salads, desserts, ice cream and drinks from them make Orange water. Also edible flowers are apricot, peach and Apple trees.

Flowers of pumpkin, squash, radishes. Flowers of pumpkin and squash are very popular in salads, often stuffed with meat or vegetables and baked. Before cooking you want to remove the stamens and prickly leaves. These flowers are not as fragrant as radish flowers, which have a distinctive smell of pepper.

Viola odorata, pansies, sunflower. Violets and pansies are very often decorate salads, fruit desserts, drinks and even pasta. Please note that not all violets are suitable for human consumption! Edible sunflower petals, and also his cup recalls the taste of artichokes.

Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Lily, chicory. These bitter flowers (lilies and sharp), not the most pleasant to the taste, but great for decorating and chicory flowers and for pickling.

Fleurs en Champagne

Fleurs en Champagne


Acacia. Flowers white and yellow Acacia put in salads and pies, cooked them jam, insist the wine.

Burachnik (ogurechnik, Borage). These flowers have a cucumber taste, often used in soft drinks, punshah, cold soups, zapekankah. Burachnik is ideal for dishes from cabbage and cucumbers.

Fuchsia, gladiolus, lavender, lilac, geranium. All these flowers are extremely bright and beautiful, which inevitably will make any dish is attractive and original. Fuchsia serve salad dressing, and gladiolus and stuff. Lavenderfragrant and spicy flower, to taste reminiscent of camphor. Lavender is a good choice to chocolate desserts, ice cream, tea. Lilac has a characteristic peppery aroma, taste it cooked ice cream and jam. Geranium petals you can sprinkle sweet dishes, baked fruitthey aromatize.

Flowers Mint, monardy, jasmine, chervil, anise hyssop, lemon verbena, mallow(ALTHEA), hibiscus, elderflower. Flowers Mint, as the leaves have a pleasant aroma. The same flavor have red flowers monardy. Chervil flowers have a delicate taste and aroma of anise, the same properties has anise hyssop. Ideal for tea and desserts fit lemon verbena flowersthese lovely white flowers very reminiscent of lemon flavor. Also you can add flowers tea Mallow (ALTHEA), hibiscus or elderberries. The last due to the sour taste good in making lemonade and wine sauce, and hibiscus can become bright decoration of cocktails or champagne.

confits de fleurs

confits de fleurs


Candied violets


  • Violets
  • Fine sugar
  • Egg white
  • Water


For making candied petals will fit only the flowers that were not processed with chemicals.

Mix egg white with a small amount of water. Violets put face on a tray or baking sheet, covered with paper. Smear egg solution on one side, then turn over andgrease on the other. Sprinkle with sugar.

Again put face down flowers to dry for approximately 24 hours. Store candied violets can be in a box or jar for up to 3 weeks.
Candied flowers can decorate Cakes Bouchee — baking recipes
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