How to cook feta cheese

How to cook feta cheese

How to cook feta cheese

How to cook feta cheese


If you have not tried to make the cheese, the feta cheese recipe is one of the easiest. With it, you can start your acquaintance with the cheeses that can be done in the kitchen.


  • Goat’s milk — 2 liters
  • Sour cream Home — 200 ml
  • Pepsin (leaven) — 1 g
  • Water boiled — 250 ml



Milk divided into 2 parts. Half reheat on low heat to 100 F, the second half mix with sour cream.

Dissolve pepsin in dissolved boiled water, then pour in the milk and sour cream. Mix 2 parts of milk left in 6 hours of warm place. Then drain whey cheese to roll up in a gauze, placed under the press for another 12 hours.

Important: it is necessary to press the cheese well.

After cooking the cheese, store it in a saline solution (for 1 liter of water dissolve 100 g of salt and 1 tsp of calcium chloride).

This cheese is suitable for many appetizer ideas, for example, Turkey Burgers with Pepperjack and Cheese

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