Food that helps cope with depression

Food that helps cope with depression

Food that helps cope with depression

Food that helps cope with depression

Some foods operates differently at you: you’re pretty fresh and energetic, then you tend to sleep, then you suddenly you feel unreasonably rastolstevshej … And if this happens, then, your diet can affect your mood. It was this discovered a group of Finnish scientists, and undertook to prove that people who consume foods high infolic acid and vitamin B12, less prone to symptoms of depression than others.

Foods rich in folic acid and vitamin B12, easily fit into your diet.


Reason sadnesshabits?

2840 good Finns during the year filled with special profiles where described his diet. Among them, the researchers calculated the percentage of those who are prone to depression. It turned out that the participants in the deficit folic acid and vitamin B12, more frequently complained of insomnia, irritability, depressed state andsleep problems-in short, all the things that science is considered obvious symptoms of depression.

A fertile ground for their developmentimbalance required chemical elements in your body. Interestingly, complete nutrients will not save you from the symptoms not related to depression, such as anxiety or low self-esteem, control over them only external factors, for example, loss of a job or a breakdown in the relationship.

It is folic acid and vitamin B12 promote a serotonin, a substance responsible for the feeling of happiness. Their absence, by contrast, can lead to anemia and make you tired and irritable. That is, the first known the «joy» of impending depression. Be that as it may, struggling with these symptoms, vitamin B12 and folic acid eliminates their various forms.


Ingredients for good mood

The truth is, enjoy these benefits. Unfortunately, the majority of women is not getting enough folic acid and vitamin B12 from their diet, especially when sitting on a diet. It’s time to support your body, even more so, nutritionist and author of the popular book «the miracle of low carbohydrate diets» Tanya Cekerbrot knows how! For starters, get a blood test and talk with a dietitianhe will prescribe you the necessary vitamins and supplements. In addition, fill out a fridge those products to help fill the shortage.

Here are the leaders on the content of fiolievoj acid: wholegrain porridge and cereals, liver, lentils, spinach, vitaminizirovannaja noodles, pasta or rice, beans, asparagus, avocado, broccoli and orange juice.

Champions of the vitamin B12seafood, fish (trout, salmon or tuna), meat, milk, and low fat yogurt, cheese, eggs, chicken, whole grain cereals, and the same liver.
To improve mood, prepare a beautiful and delicious cake Pear in Crystal Dessert
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