Food vs fat

Food vs fat


Food vs fat… If you are not aware, keep in mind: inside your body every second fight between FAT and muscle cells. If you want to be sure that the latter will win the fight? Then start to eat properly. A nice bonus: no hunger pangs.


Eat anything that grows

In a tree, Bush or under your feet is not important. Your main objectiveas shouldboot substances able to break up the fat. And vegetables, fruits and nuts are the best helpers in this case (BTW, no doubt). The UCLA study says big people eating an average of two times less plant foods than those who do not have problems with being overweight.

vegetables, fruits and nuts

vegetables, fruits and nuts


Not only perebarŝivaj with fruit, you leader advises clinics of aesthetic medicine «Emerald» Marianne Trifonova. «The thing is, it explains its positionthat most fruit have a high hypo-Glycemic, contain too much sugar and therefore provoke the secretion of the hormone insulin in the body, which is not only fuelling the appetite, but also requires more and more sweets. So, if you want to reset, choose something like Green apples. And still do not eat their kilograms.

Meal plan: follow that each hot dish was accompanied by a light salad (vegetable recipes). Perekusyvaj nuts (but eat no more than 3040 grams per day).

A small trick: eat your vegetables before, rather than after the main course. It has been scientifically proven that you can on the 15% cut calorie intake and delight you will gain a sense of satiety. Not bad, huh? And all because vegetable fiber regulates blood glucose levels.


Nalegaj on proteins

Every time you take your food. Because apples and Greens-is fine. But in combination with products rich in protein. Eating 1015 grams of meat, you’re vyzyvaeš′ reaction in the body, protein synthesis, and the latter, in turn, stimulates the growth ofmuscle tissue. Enlarge portion twice, and the process of «building« of the muscles lasts about three hours. «The main thing is there are enough protein on head track,is firmly convinced Louis Aron, Director of the weight loss program of the medical center of New York. Studies show that people lose weight on 65% more efficiently if you start the day with eggs and not with rogalika.

animal proteins

animal proteins


In 100 g salmon just 219 CALand sea of vitamins and amino acids

Not according to Louis our expert Marianne Trifonova. «Start the day better with foods rich in «slow« carbohydrates (whole grains, for example), «she says. -Otherwise, you may leave the force fairly quickly. And egg generally indigestible for about seven hours. So what is it you need in conjunction with rye toast, otherwise the feeling of satiety may not come, and this will cause excess calorie intake. I would encourage to consume more protein at lunch and dinner.

Meal plan: try to avoid fatty foods, but at the same time, do not buy very low fat. Both are crimped. Marianne advises there are proteins that are easily digested by the body, namely: fish, seafood, white meat and poultry.

A small trick: nalegaj on dairy products. Studies show that three servings, meaning300375 g per day is enough to reduce the risk of excess weight at 60%.


Eat before and after exercise

Great news for those who likes to have fun and, especially, to eat. A small snack before and after the occupation of the 5th sports will accelerate the recovery of muscles and their growth. And yet this charging helps reduce cortisol levels, forcing the body to hoard stocks «just in case«. In the end you sžigaeš′ more fat not only during exercise, but also during the day after.

Meal plan: you have every right to eat light carbohydrate-protein dish half an hour before the workout and the same-after. «After active physical exertion in the bodyopens a« metabolic window, Marianne. Is a little interval of 1530 minutes, during which perfectly digestible carbohydrates. They give you energy and is not reflected at the waist.

A small trick: milk smoothies or natural yogurt with addition of currants, Kiwi or Appleexcellent snack options before and after class.

Love salads!

This herb contains so much useful for burning fat substances that even scary. Here’s a first glance: folate (folic acid) and vitamin b. proved that folates accelerate fat burning to 8.5 times.




If you add in the vegetable juice parsley, spinach or basil, you get this Detox mix

Meal plan: in General, eat your Greens as much as you can. If you are tired of Salad, add the spinach in an omeletand tasty and useful.

A small trick: fill up your salad with a small amount of corn oil. It contains up to 50% linoleic acid is a substance that effectively fights the deposition of fat.

We correctly

Please make a leadership pledge that you will never begin the day with a piece ofyesterday’s pizza. And indeed her outfit out of sight is not food. And at the same time do not forget to «tuck in« body, he wakes up hungry (even if you don’t always feel). If you miss breakfast then zamedlâeš′ metabolic processes, depriving musclesof energy and needs during the day lâeš′ more calories. This behavior increases the risk of weight gain at about 4.5 times.
Meal plan: breakfast you must consume 3035% of total calories for the day. Match proteins with wholegrain products and healthy fats. If in the morning you aroundopazdyvaeš′ or not want to eat, sgryzi whole grain toast, and yogurt and fruit Packto work.
A small trick: If at the beginning of the day do you usually feel something like hatred towards food, drink. For example, a glass of milk 1.5% fat. A drink will give you 8g of protein and calcium, with Giro sžigaûŝim talent.
Try to cook a delicious dish, which harmoniously balanced animal proteins and vegetables — Borsch
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