French macarons

French macarons

French macarons

French macarons

No one knows the exact date of the round cakes, but that a few years ago, they captured the whole world, it is hard to doubt.

Macarons was a favorite dessert of French monarchs for centuries. Recipe to France brought the Italian Princess Catherine de ‘ Medici married Henry II, King of the future of the Republic. It’s hard to believe, but back in 16 century macarons were a simple cookie of almond flour, egg whites and sugar. No exoticflavors and bright colors, no cream filling, dough.



Classic pasta recipe



  • almond flour — 150 g
  • powdered sugar — 150 g
  • sugar — 150 g
  • water — 50 g
  • protein — 50 + 50 grams (about 3 eggs)
  • dye (gel)



Cook flour, namely its sift as usual 3 times. Add powdered sugar, mix wellwith a whisk and sift again.

Separate the whites from the yolks. Observe that in this mass has not got a single gram of fat, water or egg yolks. This is important! Divide the protein at 2under 50 grams.

Prepare your workplace for the dough. Spill it 50 grams of protein in a large mixing bowl. On a plate place the saucepan with the sugar and water, there is a cup with a glass of water, proteins, mixer and thermometer.

* Attention! The thermometer is essential to monitor the temperature of the syrup. Degrees more or less and the whole idea fails!
Will continue to produce multiple actions at the same time. Turn on the stove and begin cooking the syrup, stirring thermometer. Keep it in the middle of the mixture to temperature was the most accurate. Careful heating. As soon as the thermometer will show 205 F, start whisking whites on full power mixer.When the syrup is hot 230 (F), remove it from the stove and start slowly pour into proteins.

Beaten egg whites should be almost firm when you turn the bowl they must not leak or drip from it. If the syrup has already warmed up to 230 F, and proteins are not beat until to the desired state, you can cool the syrup water and againwait for the desired temperature. Infusing the syrup, continue whisking mixture with mixer.


Dough preparation

* Attention! The mixture should be thick and very strong. No fluid qualities sheshould not be. In the process of whisking the mixture to cool. Add another 50grams of protein, and the topfinished flour and sugar.

Dough start to interfere with spatuloj and continue the procedure to obtain the desired texture. The dough should flow down from the walls of the spatuly rather than falling clumps. Cover the baking parchment to baking.

Pour the batter into a pastry bag and begin to gently shape the hats of macarons. Try to arrange them in chessboard order. Don’t forget about drying! Put the baking tray in the oven, heated to 285 F.

Baking time 10-20 minutes. Don’t be discouraged if your «cap« will begin to crack, crumble or «Ascend«. Make perfect macarons from the first time couldhardly even great Ladure.

If everything turned out, then your macarons will appear «skirts«. It happen minutes through 3 4. Through the 10 minute try to pry off their knife. If the cookies easily deviated from the parchment, the pasta is ready. The closure on skirt must be rigid.

The toppings make itself to your taste it can be a custard or ganache. It is important to remember that if the filling liquid, it will quickly be absorbed into the dough and it will loosen up soon. This stuffing can be refilled the cookies already before serving.

Ganache can be applied immediately after the oven and leave in the refrigerator until use.



Before Cook macarons need to know a few simple secrets of cooking let they seem insignificant, but experienced people argue that they need to follow to achieve the perfect result.

Most agree that the eggs should be at room temperature. The best way to getthem out of the fridge for 12:00 before cooking, but also for 2 4 hours.

Sift flour 3 times. It is 3. This number is derived experimentally chefs Paris culinary school Cook’n with class. The first time you do it just to get rid of the lumps, for the second time enforces the result, and for the third time sift through the flour together with the powdered sugar. The procedure will make the dough glossy.

Drying dough before baking. Don’t try to immediately put the baking pan with«supersigns» pasta in the oven. Let them lie on the table for 20-30 minutes .

Air circulation during baking. The desired mode is ensured by correct locationcookies inside the drip pan (the chess order) and slightly open oven in the process (to leave excess moisture).

The proportions are important. In the case of pasta make the dough on the eye. Therefore, the kitchen scale is your loyal Assistant on cooking time dessert.

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