Fried potatoes & mushrooms

Fried potatoes & mushrooms

Fried potatoes & mushrooms

Fried potatoes & mushrooms


Fried potatoes & mushrooms chanterelle, yes with golden potatoes, who refuses such an incredibly tasty lunch?



  • Chanterelle mushrooms 1 kg
  • Medium onion 12 pieces
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper freshly ground to taste
  • Green onions 1/2 beam according to taste
  • Vegetable oil for frying the requisite number of
  • Butter, the amount needed for frying
  • Sour cream 12 tablespoons
  • Potatoes average 500600 g



Weight of mushrooms while cooking reduced almost in 2 times, so do not feel sorry for chanterelles, when found in the saucepan.
You can fry the chanterelles do not otvarivaja, but in this case it is better mushrooms soak in cold water for a couple of hours.



Rinse mushrooms, trim the tips of the feet, boil in boiling salted water for 78minutes. Drain the water through a sieve. Wash potatoes, Peel, slice in 1 brusochkom in 1 cm. FRY in preheated skillet with vegetable oil until golden brown.

Add the finely chopped onion, Saute until cooked potatoes, another 710 minutes, depending on the capacity plate. Often do not bother, otherwise the potatoes will turn to mush. At the end add salt, pepper to taste. Saute the mushrooms separately on the preheated frying pan with butter until golden brown.

Boil mushrooms to taste with salt, pepper, add finely chopped green onions. Gently toss mushrooms finished with fried potatoes. Serve with sour cream.

This potato is a great garnish for Cordon Bleu

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