Frozen or fresh vegetables? What is more beneficial to health

Frozen or fresh vegetables? What is more beneficial to health

Frozen or fresh vegetables

Frozen or fresh vegetables

Dead or alive? In a sense, fresh or frozen to take nature’s gift? No more doubt: and so and so nice.


Fresh HoD: choose the shoots intact, if going to tuck into their raw, fried or grilledracked. And also if you want to add the asparagus in pasta, couscous or rice dish.

Cold shoulder: Fits frosty cooler asparagus if you’re going to izmočalit′ it and turn into a soup, sauce or souffle.



Fresh HoD: want to taste fried, baked, boiled or stewed pumpkin slicesbury what is not tormented by cold.
Cold shoulder: Safely use «scumbags«, if going to taste the cream soup, quiche or any other dish which is cooked with pumpkin pasta or mashed potatoes.


Green beans

Fresh HoD: Blanširuj, obžarivaj in oil, prepare steamed, in General, do with pods all quickly. Under one condition: if they are fresh and cheerful.
Cold shoulder: Frozen beans looks great in dishes that require heat treatment ofmore serious: curd pudding, kishe, soup.



Fresh HoD: it is clear that better fit the grill untouched by the benefits of civilizationthe spathe. His throw into the pot, to enjoy the taste of boiled corn. Yes and cream soup will not do without fresh forces, because frozen corn less sweet.
Cold shoulder: Met Cook casseroles, a thick porridge made from corn or bread?Take frozen product on the taste of dishes it won’t change.



Fresh HoD: If you’re going to eat berries raw, add them in a fruit salad or muesli, you need recently plucked instances and only. Defrosted is lose on the part of the taste.
Cold shoulder: If we are talking about how to make something magic Berry cocktail cupcake or, say, a glazego to the supermarket for freezing.



The fresh move: throw a green salad, add to sauce for pasta or decorate them soup. For a side dish too perfect presentation-no matter you will cook it by steaming or stir fry.
Cold shoulder: Lasagna or soupmashed zaindevevšij spinach doesn’t hurt. Just don’t forget to squeeze excess moisture from it after defrosting.
Frozen foods are perfect for cooking pizzas. Recipe you can take from here6 recipes useful pizza
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