«Fruit delight» Cake

«Fruit delight» Cake

Fruit delight Cake

Fruit delight Cake


«Fruit delight» Cake — delicate sponge cake with cream and cream cheese and fresh fruit. From this cake your guests will love it!


  • ready flaky pastry — 500 g (2 sheets)
  • mascarpone cheese — 250 g
  • cheese cream cheese — 150 g
  • cream of not less than 30% fat — 250 ml
  • powdered sugar — 3 tbsp. spoons
  • powdered sugar with vanilla — 1 tbsp with slide
  • Cherry jam (syrup) — 3-4 tablespoons. spoons
  • 20 prunes berries
  • 1 orange
  • brown sugar — 5 tablespoons
  • 4 tbsp. tablespoons cognac or black tea
  • liqueur Amaretto or Cointreau (optional) — 1 tbsp


Preparation of flaky foundations. I took a diameter of 20 cm. Sheet of dough a little roll and cut into the shape of a circle, the radius detachable form, where the cake will be collected. Bake on a sheet covered with parchment at 356 — 375 F until light browning on average half an hour. Ready to hold the layers slightly extinguished the oven, the dough is not opal. Prepare a fruit stuffing in advance. 20 berries prunes, washed, cut into small pieces and soaked in 4 tablespoons cognac or black tea, cover bowl with a lid and leave for at least an hour.

While the layers are baked and cools, prepare the cream. Mascarpone and cream cheese from the refrigerator and hold for half an hour at room temperature. Rubs mascarpone with icing sugar, add the cream cheese, you can spoon amaretto liqueur splash, stir with a spoon until smooth. (I add the powder gradually and try to make it not too sugary).

Cream whisk in a solid mass with 1 tbsp powdered sugar and vanilla with a mixer, gradually pour cherry syrup. Cream the cream is supposed to be very tight.

Adding it to the cheese curd, stir until smooth, add the berries of the jam (couple of tablespoons is enough). Here’s a delicious cream is obtained.

Orange disassemble into slices, cut their plates at 0.7 cm, rolled in brown sugar Demerara and do not leave the covered for 40 minutes. Orange will give a little juice soaked sugar and very tasty and without heat treatment.

Putting the cake

I divide each cake into two parts, because I love strongly impregnated layers of cream, just get 4 cakes of the dough. Cream divide into 4 parts — three larger and one smaller for lubricating the top. Split form veiled parchment, spread first cake on parchment lined with extra side to the edge of the cake was smooth, and the cream filled in all the gaps.

Lightly grease the cake with a cream, spread half the prunes. Then 1/3 of the cream, cover the second shortcake and gently press down.

We used a sheet of dough. Coat with 1/3 of the cream (without prunes). Begin to lay out the second case, the new sheet is divided into two parts. The procedure is the same — a little cream, and then the second half of prune, spread 1/3 of the cream — and cover the last shortcake. Last cake you need to put the bottom side to that in contact with a sheet of baking — it is flat. Lubricates the surface of the cream left.

Sprinkle the top and sides of cake crumbs from cakes (we were 8 case, the new parts). We spread the slices of oranges in sugar. Put the cake in the refrigerator, preferably overnight, to impregnate as it should.

It’s very tasty holiday recipes. You can even cook Cake with ricotta and fruit

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«Fruit delight» Cake
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