Fruit and yoghurt dessert — health recipes

Fruit and yoghurt dessert — health recipes

Fruit and yoghurt dessert

Fruit and yoghurt dessert


Fruit and yoghurt dessert. Very quick and easy recipe which is not ashamed toentertain guestsIt is refreshing and brings coolness in sultry day, but contains fewer calories than ice cream. Especially women like it, observing figure.


  • Yoghurt — 400 ml
  • Cottage cheese (9% fat) — 200 g
  • Banana — 1 pieces
  • Kiwi — 2 pieces
  • Honey — 3 tsp..
  • Cinnamon — 2 g
  • Walnuts — 30 grams
  • Spinach juice — 1 tsp..


Grind curd through a sieve. Beat in a blender frayed cottage cheese, yogurt, honey, cinnamon until smooth. Peel and slice the banana and kiwi. Grind in a blender.

Curd mass divided into two parts. In one part add the curd mass frayed fruit and spinach juice for color. Mix.
In a glass put layers of cottage cheese with yogurt and cottage cheese with fruit, sprinkled with chopped nuts. Garnish with mint.

Delicate and delicious desserts will be enjoyed by kids and adults. Children can also be prepared Cottage cheese marshmallows

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