Garlic Potatoes — easy to make recipes

Garlic Potatoes — easy to make recipes 

Garlic Potatoes - easy to make recipes

Garlic Potatoes — easy to make recipes

Potatoes-almost universal side dish that goes well with any meal. And to make it more appetizing, prepare his Garlic Potatoes — easy to make recipes!

What is the dish?

Roasted potatoes with garlicsimple but very tasty and nourishing dish. And it is called so, likely due to its brevity and obviousness of the cooking process. But, as we know, everything is simply brilliant, and rustic potatoes this also applies.

In General, the hallmark of dishes is browned lightly crisp, generated during thermal processing and evenly covers the potatoes. Tubers are traditionally cut into large slices, and it is also a certain characteristic. But here’s how to preparemay be different, and they will be discussed below.

What kind of potato is suitable?

In principle, you can use any cooking potatoes: how young and old. But it will affect the flavor of the dish. So, young potatoes will be dense and juicy, and the old is more crumbly.


  • 1 kilo of potatoes
  • four cloves of garlic
  • vegetable oil (it will take because the potatoes will cook deep-fried)
  • salt to taste and red pepper
  • dill


Potatoes need to clean and wash. Next, each tuber is cut into four slices (if potatoes are large, number of parts, you can click to enlarge). Garlic must be cleaned and crushed in any way.

In a skillet heat the oil to it then. Dip potatoes in it. Better to cook his meals, so it prozharilsja evenly. Ten minutes later, deep-frying pan, place in crushed garlic, pepper and salt as well. Saute all together for 10-15 minutes.

Chop the herbs and sprinkle it hot potatoes before serving.

Such potatoes is the perfect garnish for Braised Rabbit — healthy recipe

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