Gravlax — salmon recipes

Gravlax — salmon recipes 




Gravlax Scandinavian dish of fish. This appetizer is cooked in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, but it is particularly popular in Sweden. The benefit of most tourists don’t know Swedish but Swedes trivialize literal translation of the word «gravlax«.

Northland is a maritime province. Locals from time immemorial, catch and eat fish. But before refrigerators, and ancient people came up with a special way of storing the catch. They took the salmon generously salted and rubbed it with various spices, and then buried in the ground or sand. Hence the name is «buried» or «buried« salmon. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, but the fish got incredibly tastymoderately salty, spicy, tender, literally melting in your mouth.

Nowadays, technology has changed the fish no longer buried. Instead, progress is food film or foil. But the ingredients remain the same. The main ingredient is oily red salmon family fish (salmon, trout, salmon, and so on).

Also for the marinade definitely needed coarse salt (preferably — marine), sugar, black pepper and dill. In addition, there are recipes for gravlaksa with the addition of beets, horseradish vodka and other products.

This is the easiest recipeingredients and a minimum of effort.



  • 500 g salmon fillet on the skin
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons black pepper
  • 1 bunch fresh dill



It is better to take the finished fillets. But if you only whole fish, its need to cannibalize rectangular layers (skin is not cut away), remove the bone, rinsed under cold water and dry with paper towels.

In different recipes vary the proportions of salt, sugar and pepper. So, some put only one spoonful of sugar. Not really worth to fear fish will not be sweet.Therefore, it is recommended that sugar and salt mixed in equal volumes. In addition, instead pepper sometimes use bell pepper because they consider it more aromatic. But it’s just a matter of taste.

So, sugar, salt and peppers need to join in one bowl and mix thoroughly.

You can use not only fresh, but dried dill. The first is preferred. It should be rinsed and finely chop.

Each slice of salmon need to liberally sprinkle the spices and fennel. Sugar, salt and pepper, you can even rub in a little fish and fennel should form a green blanket on top.

Then the pieces you want to lay on top of each other so that the fennel was inside, and the skin on the outside.

Now you need to tightly wrap the resulting «sandwiches« food foil and put into the container. To marinating went faster at the top, you can put anything heavy. For example, a jar with water.

Send gravlax in the fridge. Two days later, the fish can be eaten. But best left for another couple of days — will be more delicious. When salmon salted, it must deploy and clear of dill and seasonings.

Putting thin slice gravlax on a piece of fragrant Three Cheese Bread, you get an incredibly delicious sandwich.

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