Green oil — easy food recipes

Green oil — easy food recipes

Green oil

Green oil


Amazingly delicious green oil, cooked the other day. Bright, with a unique aroma and fresh taste that is ideal for salads, soups, boiled or baked potatoes, pasta and so on. Oil perfectly stored in the refrigerator for 23 weeks.



  • 100 g spring onions
  • 50 g basil leaves
  • 50 g parsley leaves
  • 50 g fennel
  • 100 g dzhusaja (50 g fresh ramson, 34 cloves of young garlic)
  • 300400 ml vegetable oil
  • 12 tablespoons coarse sea salt



Wash and thoroughly dry with a paper towel. Put in a blender (green onions, dzhusaj previously cut into pieces), add salt and grind. Pour the vegetable oil, anddo a couple of revolutions blender. (If the consistency is too thick, add vegetable oil, otherwise add Greens). Pour oil in the bottle, tightly close and refrigerate. Shake before use.

Such oil is perfect to Homemade sausage

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