How to grow herbs home?

How to grow herbs home?

grow herbs home

grow herbs home

If you’re waiting for from products not only taste, but also good, come to look at the little down. In the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry’s estimated that sprouts edible greens: arugula, cilantro, collard greens, spinach — in fact a kind of power. They contain 40 times more nutrients (including vitamins C, E and K), grown than their mature relatives. Such reserves are needed for intensive development of plants, but do you care about their future? Try to buy it, young shoots, and better cultivated them personally, in a pot on the balcony.


There are common, there is curly, but she and the other is better not grow from seeds but from the seedlings. And ready ear for as long as there is a lot of sun. She also likes moist soil, organic fertilizers and crop to cut the roots.

In a lot of parsley chlorophyll, which acts as a tonic, a cleansing and strengthening immunity means. For the body, use just enough one table spoon of herbs in the day. A chewing a sprig of parsley after meals or alcohol nachesnochennogo you freshen breath.


If the gardener of your useless, mint just ready to prove the opposite: growing in spite of everything. And so magnificently that quickly takes the entire pot, no matter what size it is. But it is better give up the idea to grow different varieties of mint side by side: cross-pollination will spoil the flavor of both varieties.

Instead of espresso in the afternoon final brew tea with fresh peppermint leaves — it helps digestion. This drink also saves from nausea, stomach cramps and flatulence.


The key to success in the cultivation of this herb — the sun. The more rays, the more green, and the longer she lives. For the soil is only one requirement: be watered daily.

The ancient Greeks generally believed oregano or marjoram, a panacea. For example, tea made from 50 grams of fresh herbs, soothes, relieves fatigue, helps with sea sickness and during menstruation. Pozhuy few leaves — and will cease toothache (just in time to get to the dentist). Oregano on top of a pizza — all a fairy tale, because it limits the absorption of fat by the body.

Greens added to many dishes, for example, Mojito muffins

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