Guacamole — breakfast recipes

Guacamole — breakfast recipes




Guacamole — a Mexican sauce with avocado in the title role and onions, chili peppers, and sometimes tomatoes and greens on podhvate.Chtoby cook it at home, enough to stretch your mashed ripe avocado, lime juice and season with salt, then stir in the finely — chopped onion and hot peppers. Adding whether some other ingredients (vegetables, garlic, seasonings) — a matter of taste of each individual Mexicans, and now yours, too. Just remember that unsaturated fats, which are rich in this sauce are useful to the extent of three tablespoons of guacamole daily approve both doctors and fitness trainers.


  • Ripe avocado — 2 pcs (avocados is whole, green, pressed on the skin at the site of attachment to the branch, you have to feel that the fruit is soft)
  • Lime — 1shtuka
  • Major non-iodized salt — to taste
  •  Olive oil — 3 tablespoons
  • Freshly ground black pepper



Cut the avocado along the surrounding bone. Turn the halves of avocado to one of the halves separated.

Gently slide a knife blow to the bone (carefully, do not injure yourself) Turn the knife with a bone to bone is separated from the second half.

Spoon the avocado peel the flesh from the skin (can simply clean off the peel with a knife, but it will be hard to do, because the avocado flesh is very pliable). Immediately pour the juice avocado lime to pulp did not darken.

Place the avocado in a blender and grind into a puree. Squeeze the rest of the lime juice. Salt to vkusu.polozhite at this stage in the blender olive oil and black pepper. Mix for another half a minute to obtain a homogeneous sauce consistency.

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