Hazelnut meringue cake — recipe ideas

Hazelnut meringue cake — recipe ideas 

Hazelnut meringue cake

Hazelnut meringue cake


Suggest you cook Hazelnut meringue cake. Be sure to try the incredibly tasty sponge cake with meringue! This recipe combines a light sponge cake, cream and taste of hazelnuts.


  • sponge cake (diameter 24 cm) — 1 piece
  • eggs — 2 pieces
  • powdered sugar — 100 g
  • Walnuts — 50 g


Take one of the cakes cake «Earl ruins» or prepare a new recipe for the same. Saturate the melted ice cream. The proteins separate from the yolks, whisk until thick rigid foam and gradually add powdered sugar.
The crushed into crumbs nuts mix with whipped whites.

In the laid parchment baking squeeze the pastry bag or an ordinary bag small kruglyashi. Bake in oven at 212 F for about an hour. Then let the oven cool completely. From kruglyashi cake cut slightly larger than the finished meringue. On the biscuit base lay a little chocolate icing, place the meringue on top and pour a small amount of glaze.

Very tasty cake, as well as Cottage cheese marshmallows

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