Healthy Omelette Recipes

Healthy Omelette Recipes

Healthy Omelette Recipes

Healthy Omelette Recipes

Today more and more people seeking to lose weight. Some sit on a diet, others are hungry, but all that is needed is correct and balanced diet. Healthy Omelette Recipes isa dish that is ideal for tomorrow or snack.

If you want to get truly dietary product, for cooking omelets, use skim milk.

Eggs shake with milk and salt. Bottom and sides of the Pan greased with butter, good warm up over moderate heat and poured into her milk-egg mixture. Cook, covered with lid, 10 minutes.

Dietary omelette is cooked with vegetables that have a stir fry to get rid of themoisture. You can dump the finished omelette with fresh vegetables or fruit.

For cooking better use olive oil.


  • two eggs
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 50 ml milk
  • Greens
  • pinch of salt table


Put the pan on the fire, heat and cover with olive oil. Chilled beat eggs with milk. Salt it and add the chopped parsley. Jumble.

Pour mixture into skillet and cook with the lid on simmer for seven minutes.

To this wonderful dish you can add Chicken & peach salsa


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