Honey Strawberry Cake

Honey Strawberry Cake

Honey Strawberry Cake

Honey Strawberry Cake


The cake, which is more than 300 years, loved by all! Yes, it’s old, good and delicious Honey cake. Golden cake layers, airy cream and a light honey flavor.

In this recipe you will learn how to make delicious Honey Strawberry Cake, a la carte, nicely decorated, and very tasty!




  • flour150 g
  • butter 4050 g
  • Honey60 g
  • sugar100 g
  • egg65 grams (1.5 -2)
  • lemon juice2 g
  • Baking powder dough3 g



  • milk250 ml
  • egg1 piece
  • sugar50 g
  • flour10 g
  • cornstarch10 g
  • strawberries100 g
  • sugar50 g
  • butter-100 g
  • boiled condensed milk-140 g
  • sour cream 30%140 g



  • berries to taste
  • Crumb honey
  • Strawberry Syrup



Butter, honey, sugar during the bath water, enter the egg, lemon juice (acid), soda and sifted flour. Make the mixture in a water bath. Cool. Dough divide by67 parts and roll out with a diameter of 22 cm for a cake.

If you want to bake delicious cakes, raskatav Plast dough put it on the baking tray and Cup or a thin glass cut small circles. Griddle send in a preheated oven.

Bake the shortcakes with 395 F until ready after taking a fork several punctures to all cake exactly prepared. Excess dough chop in a food processor and remove prior to execution.



Bring milk to a boil. Eggs, sugar, flour and cornstarch mix. Enter the resultingmixture into the boiling milk, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. Cook 2-3 minutes custard. Cool. Add room temperature butter, condensed milk and cream varennuju. All carefully mix.

Strawberry punch Blender, add sugar and mix everything. Saucepan put on the stove and heat the mixture. Cool, rub through a sieve.

A little Strawberry Syrup removed to decorate the rest of the syrup add in cream and stir.

Fill the cake cream and remove cake impregnated in the fridge for at least 6:00, but preferably overnight. Cover the entire cake prepared honey crumbs, decorate to taste and desire of Strawberry Syrup and years.

Bon Appetit!
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