How to brew a delicious Cup of coffee

How to brew delicious Cup of coffee

how to brew coffee

how to brew coffee


Somehow you got home it turns out dark Burda and not invigorating aromatic drink? To change the situation at 180 degrees, learn the secrets how to BREW coffee properly.

Coffee specialists, barista, swear: get a drink at home dreams can be and without the aid of a brilliant Professional machines. Enough to have a French press and remember the 4 pillars of success: grinding and freshness of the beans, the proportions and quality of water.

Take the French press

A jar with a mesh filter (French press) is ideal for drink preparation at home: the insistence with water temperature beautifully reveals the taste and aroma of the beans. When you use the Turks risk heat the coffee too much, and it kills its best qualities.

Prepare grain

Advise a specific grade of coffee or blenda thankless task: one good, the other tasteless. Therefore it is better to talk about the rules of storing grains. Fruit coffee known ability to absorb surrounding odors, so after opening vacuum package them should be laid in opaque airtight container and keep there at room temperature no more than a week.

For the same reason, it is not worth smalyvat’ in advance the whole package is the most aromatic will drink from freshly ground beans. For French press coarse grinding is requiredtime insisting enough to pull all of the fruit juices.

Heat water

Water, which plans to become a coffee must be clean, without obsessive taste andstrong mineralization, fresh, filtered. This is not a surprise. And the temperature is supposed to be just below the boiling point (from 195 to 205 F)here is an essential condition for obtaining tasty and fragrant drink.

Boil the coffee

The right balance of coffee and water looks so: 10 g, or 2 teaspoons of large grinding for every 180 ml liquid. Give the drink a BREW in Frenchpress 4 minutes, lower the filter and enjoy the best thing you ever did.
Learn how to BREW coffee, VA can cook more and Coffee syrup
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