How to make sorbet

How to make sorbet

How to make sorbet

How to make sorbet


In the winter we dream about warm and in summer is about snow. Fruit, chocolate. You can with nuts. If these «precipitation» is not settled at the waist and hips. In General, it’s time to talk about ice cream and sorbete.

Sorbet — appeared much earlier than ice cream. And it was invented by the Chinese. Then learn about it and Persians and Arabs there and to Europe is very close they say it’s not been without Marco Polo who brought the recipe to Italy, and of Catherine de Medici, in turn, caught up with France of Italian chefs, who already learned how to prepare popsicles.

In ancient China, simply mixed snow with pieces of fruit, and advanced citizensof ancient Rome still poured this mix wine. Historians have found that the famous Roman Emperor Nero preferred seizing lunch it is the prototype of the ice cream. To the East was completely dense sorbet ice drink and prepared on the basis of a BREW of rose hips and rose petals with the addition of spices and fruits.

Later, in Europe of the 19th century, learned how to not cooling fruit mixture and milk, sugar, cream and eggs and thus created a more habitual to us premium ice cream. It happened in the French m town. Here, perhaps, lies the fundamental difference no sorbete animal fats. And then he less caloric.

This information is very useful for those who already packs a swimsuit. If traditional ice cream a separate and very nourishing dish, fruit sorbetsweet addition to lunch or dinner. Cool and refreshing in the heat, help digestion, as wellas delight the eye color variety. But creamy ice cream there is another magicalproperty it is an excellent antidepressant. Found this ubiquitous British scientists. Even if you’re not very inclined to believe them, the test itself: a small amount (teaspoon cream. one!) can instantly improve your mood.



Kiwi sorbet:

  • 0.5 kg Kiwi
  • 0.5 Cup sugar


Fruit additives:

  • Kiwi — 3 pieces
  • Banana — ½ pieces
  • Honey — 1 tsp
  • mint leaves and berries for decoration physalis
  • Silicone moulds



Kiwi grind with sugar in a blender and send on 2:00 in the freezer. Banana whip with honey in a blender. Poured into moulds and put in freezer to 2:00. Spread on dessert plates cut from Kiwi hearts, mint and berries physalis. GAT fromcookie cutters, frozen banana figurines and add multiple balls of sorbet from Kiwi. As soon as turn out beautiful composition, sprinkle with icing sugar and cocoa and serve.
Basically, if you have in the fridge there are several species of fruit and berries, you can cook from them sorbet Orange sorbet for dessert, for instance, and put in ice cream bowls ballsof varying taste and colour by adding pieces of fruit. This feed will look very impressive!
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How to make sorbet
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