Irish cream liqueur

Irish cream liqueur

Irish cream liqueur

Irish cream liqueur


Suggest you try to cook at home — Irish cream liqueur. It turns out the same gentle and delicate in flavor, but will not contain synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial flavors. So keep this drink can only be in the fridge and not more than a month, and to use it to stir, because more «heavy» ingredients will settle on the bottom.



  • Cream — 1 cup
  • Whiskey — 500 ml
  • Condensed milk, bank (400 m) — 1 pcs
  • Chocolate Syrup — 100 ml
  • Almond extract — to taste
  • Vanilla extract — to taste
  • Instant coffee — 1 tbsp


Whiskey aromatiziruem vanilla and almond extracts. After we mix all ingredients in a blender at high speed until smooth consistency. Liquor filtered through a fine strainer.

How to cook chocolate syrup:

Cocoa (0.5 cups) 2 cups sugar and vanilla were heated for 2 minutes.

If you want to please relatives creative desserts, cook Apricot sorbet

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Irish cream liqueur
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