Jello Shots in watermelon

Jello Shots in watermelon

Jello Shots in watermelon

Jello Shots in watermelon


Jello Shots — has long since ceased to be a novelty for partygoers, but we offer tailor dessert for the season and put jelly solution inside a watermelon rind. As the alcoholic basis, you can choose any strong liquor from vodka to Tequila, but our choice fell on white rum.



  • half of a medium sized watermelon
  • 180 g of any red berry jelly
  • 28 g gelatin
  • 500 ml water
  • 500 ml white rum or any other strong alcohol



Selecting Berry are medium-sized, cut it in half and spoon to scoop out a large portion of juicy core. What neater would be able to get rid of pulp, the better will be the alcoholic dessert on the cut.

Mix plain gelatin with any fruit jelly red colors to choose from. Pour a mixture ofhot water and stir to dissolve. Strain solution jelly, cool to warm status and connect to the selected alcohol in equal proportions. Pour the jelly solution in hollowwatermelon Peel, not reaching most corners: dessert will be easier to convey to the refrigerator and do not carry liquids, put a freeze.

Leave the jelly to freeze completely 23 hours, and after carefully cut melon into slices of medium thickness. Congratulations, you are now ready to conquer anysummer picnic!

As an appetizer at a party you can invite guests Сheese sticks with sesame seeds

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