Roses Petals Liquor — drink recipes

Roses Petals Liquor — drink recipes

Roses Petals Liquor

Roses Petals Liquor


If you like sweet liqueur, then you’ll love this recipe. The petals of a tea rose is very fragrant, have a delicate sweet delicate flavor. Prepare this easy pleasant drink simply at home — all the ingredients are available. If near your home growing bush of this extraordinary rose petals and gather in the winter evenings you can treat yourself to this amazing beverage with summer flavor.

Tincture Roses turns sweet, slightly reminiscent of a delicate liqueur. The infusion can be made from ordinary vodka or drinking alcohol.


  • The petals of tea-rose — 100 grams
  • Sugar — 1 cup
  • Citric acid — 1/3 tsp
  • Vodka — 0.5 l


Pick up for the preparation of Roses Petals Liquor petals with a pronounced flavor, color can be any. Petals well wash and grind in a blender or using a grinder. Add the sugar and rub well. Put the resulting mass of sweet in a glass jar, pour the vodka and stir well.

When the sugar is completely dissolved, it will need to drain the drink using a funnel and a piece of cheesecloth and pour into a bottle. Infusion in the refrigerator and let stand one month.

The longer stand infusion of tea roses, the better — the taste and aroma of the drink will be even richer. Serve slightly chilled infusion.

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