Matcha Mango Souffle

Matcha Mango Souffle

Matcha Mango Souffle

Matcha Mango Souffle


Before you read any further, answer me a simple question do you like the taste of tea Matcha? If not, close the page, I’m not kidding. The taste is so unique and special, that it is impossible to fall in love with the second/third times. It is,or it will not.

For everyone else, I’ll tell you the recipe that souffle mouth-watering literally air melts in your mouth.



Milk — 150 ml
33% cream  — 100 ml
Flour — 20 g
Corn starch — 15 g
Egg yolks — 3 pieces
Powdered sugar — 30 + 40 g
Proteins — 3 pieces
Match — 1 tea spoon



In saucepan mix the milk and cream. And over medium heat bring to a boil. Account as soon as the first bubblesclean saucepan. While the warm milk mixture, sift the flour and starch. Whisk whip egg yolks with 30 grams of powdered sugar.

Mix the egg yolks with the flour and starch, mix well. A thin stream pour milk mixture, stirring constantly so the yolks do not shrink from overheating.

Pour the mixture into the saucepan and cook over low heat (stirring constantly) until it thickens. Then refrigerate it in a water bath to 80 F.

Now whip whites until lush foam, add 40 grams of powdered sugar and finallywhip, you get glossy foam with strong peaks.

Gently mix the powder game with egg yolks cream. And now parts enter to time proteins. Added a third, well mixed. Repeated. The result is a homogeneous mass of air in the future the soufflé.

Cake butter and sprinkle with sugar. Shaking out the excess. Pour souffle massapproximately 1/31/2. Bake at 356 F 1220 minutes depending on your ovenand the size of the cookie cutters. The soufflé rises well. Remove and let it coolWhen serving, make a hole in the center of the souffle with a fork and pour any sauce to taste. Here are good sauces because the taste Match quite neutral in this regard.

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