Meat salad on cucumber

Meat salad on cucumber

Meat salad on cucumber

Meat salad on cucumber


If you suddenly come to visit, you can treat them to hearty meat salad on cucumber. It turns out very tasty and tender, with a hint of pickled mustard! Well, if you file a salad portions on slices of cucumber, garnished with extra — we obtain a delicious cocktail party snack for any holiday!



Neck of pork or other tender meat (beef, poultry, etc.) — 100 g
Corn pickled or boiled young — 50 g
Cucumber (large, fresh, 50 g salad + to fundamentals) — 1 piece
Spinach — 1 handful
Leeks — 50 g
Quail egg (boiled, by a quarter per serving)
red Onions
Mayonnaise — 1 tablespoon
Soy sauce — 2 teaspoons
Mustard (ready, acute) — 1/4 tsp


Meat and pickled corn cut into thin strips, put in a pan, add soy sauce and sweet pepper. Fry in oil until light brown; Add the spinach and stew dish for a few seconds, all put into a container, let cool.

Cucumber cut almost diagonally to the flat portion. Unsuitable slices of cucumber cut into strips in a salad, add sliced ​​onions thin half-rings, mayonnaise, mustard, stir.

The basis of the cucumber out onto a plate to feed, lay on the base slide salad, garnish with red onion and a quarter of quail eggs.

A good addition to this salad will Bacon Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Bon Appetit!

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