Milk Caramel — delicious food recipes

Milk Caramel — delicious food recipes 

Milk Caramel

Milk Caramel


Subtle caramel aroma and unforgettable is the creamy taste of milk caramel!Homemade chocolates differ from instore natural composition, without the use of stabilisers, thickeners and other substances harmful to the body. Just 20 minutes — and all are satisfied with the result! The day was a success, if the House has a homemade candy!



Powdered sugar 500 g
Cream 33— 500 ml
Honey — 120 ml
Butter — 50 g
Vanilla — 1pod 



Put all ingredients in saucepan. I used powdered sugar, can and simple sugar, here it is not critical. (If you take the brown sugar, take it into account while waiting for the desired color). If you don’t like honey change it, agaves glucosesyrup or something similar.

Next, put a saucepan on medium heat and wait. We are interested in a time when butter melts and will blend all ingredients.

And now the fun part. If you stirred ingredients now stop. Just watch the process. If you have a thermometer we need to get the temperature of the caramel251 254 f. If no thermometer you have two ways. The first is to trust your eyes. Caramel color must be like on my final photo. The second is to omit the drop of caramel in cold water and use two fingers to roll the ball if bouncy ball and good sliding (non-stick) everything is ready.

Pour caramel into shape, laid the parchment. Here fits just about anything, from which there are sides. Height approx. 11, 5 cm, more to do.

Somewhere over 3:00 caramel stands in the refrigerator. She finally took hold.Then simply wet a knife cut the caramel candy. If she froze — knife heat in boiling water, but not much. The nuts can be sprinkled with powder, almond flour orsalt now it is fashionable and what to say, delicious.

Caramel is very gentle, completely safe for seals. While there is a creamy — honey taste. No one will remain indifferent, I guarantee!

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