Mini-skewers: maximum benefit

Mini-skewers: maximum benefit


Mini-skewers: maximum benefit

No matter how you name it: Shish kebab or špažkami. Importantly, the grill and barbecue season is not to find a simpler, low-calorie and healthy way to build something edible. Most importantly, take advantage of the most useful tips on preparation main dishes.

The essence of the minikebabs on wooden sticks is simple, as all the elegant: takelean meat or fish, the pillar number mixed with vegetables, sprinkle low-calorie butfull-flavoured sauceand get hardly the healthiest dish in the world. What is especially nice, these food pyramids are prepared in minutes and does not restrict the freedom of action: you can repeat the proposed combination or invent your own from que drugs products.

The best combination of products for barbecue

These juicy, edible examples will become the stars of any party.

Asian salmon

Salmon + mushrooms + pineapple + onion + soy sauce

Chicken with pesto

Chicken + tomato + Zucchini cherry + pesto sauce

The scallops in the Mediterranean stopover

Scallops + Zucchini + onion + pasta Tapenade

Mexican pork

Pork + onion + red bell pepper + peach + salsa sauce

Super sauces

Vyčerkivaj mayonnaise and ketchup from the list of invitees to the partywe know the names of Jolly sauces from all over the world, who would your shape and rout the heart.

Soy sauce

Asians are credited with this spicy Gyger ability should be the strengthening of the cardiovascular system and prolong life. Lei does not pity.


Salsa is full of Chile against which pale onions, tomatoes and Greens that are part of. Zamarinuj in salsa meat or eat a couple of spatulas so-for the sake of extreme.

Garlic oil

To serve the residents of the Mediterranean consistently serves ingeniously simple: sauce, chopped garlic, drenched in olive oil.


Pesto sauce

The exhilarating scent of Basil and tender wiped Cedar nuts and cheese -Yes with pesto you can eat at least a piece of concrete!

Plum sauce

Spicy and sour Plum sauce cherry blends perfectly with meat and poultry.


Pureed paste of olives, capers, herbs and olive oil from the French caviar of the poor«. It really is good, even without the Shish kebab.
You are bound to enjoy sauce Guacamole
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