Mulled wine

Mulled wine

Mulled wine

Mulled wine


In a pre — Christmas week on streets soars spicy smell of mulled wine. This hot(and oral) beverage for many centuries willingly used throughout the winter holidays. Today you will learn how to cook traditional Christmas mulled wine.

The predecessor of the modern mulled wine Conditum paradoxum is a mixture of wine, honey, dates and spices: pepper, bay leaf, saffron and other still existed in antiquity. During the middle ages in Northern and Central Europe ate cold spicy wine, such as Hypocras already similar in composition and taste for a modern mulled wine. Due to the fact that the spices were extremely expensiveand this drink could afford not everyone he attributed medicinal properties. Warm up the wine started later.

In today’s sense of mulled wine in the winter of 1956 there was a year when a man named Rudolf Kuncmann in his small cellar in Augsburg served bottled wine, mixed with spices and sugar, and began to sell as Glühwein. But in those days the sugar as an ingredient in winemaking was forbidden, so the poor guygot fined for his enterprise. This receipt and now is considered evidence of the appearance of the first in the history of Germany mulled wine bottles. Later, the law was changed about winemaking and drink legalized …

If the weather is not inspiring for another trip to the Christmas market, a shopping option is no longer attracted to improve mood, can themselves 20 minutes to cook a flavorful and very even warming up mulled wine.



  • 1 orange
  • 1 Apple
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 star badian (Sternanis)
  • 5 pieces of clove
  • 1 bottle of dry red wine
  • 3 pea allspice
  • 3040 g brown sugar (small, quickly melted)
  • a handful of fresh cranberries (you can add any other fresh berries, grapes, raisins, nuts)
  • 2030 g strong alcohol in a glass of mulled wine on request
  • 710 peas, pink pepper
  • 7 cardamom seeds
(the last two seasonings can be substituted for nutmeg or ginger, but preferably not in powder to drink not vision. The taste will be different, but no worse than)



Orange and Apple and cut into slices. Wine pour into the Pan and place on medium heat, add the sugar and stir. Put in wine fruits and all the spices. From fruits can go a lot of bubbles, but it is not boiling. Heat the wine over medium-high heat until the advent of white foam over the whole fruit-free surface. In no case do not boil!

Remove from heat, cover with a lid, wrap up warm with a towel and let stand for 10 minutes to flavor spice completely revealed. Mulled wine was very spicy,but with a mild flavor.

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