Paris Brest Cake — french recipe

Paris Brest Cake — french recipes 

Paris Brest Cake

Paris Brest Cake


Paris-Brest cake is a classic confectionery art and it can be almost any Café in France. The name of this tasty dessert was not chosen by chance. French confectioner Louis Durand decided to devote his world-famous bicycle race of the year 1891, and even its shape resembles a bicycle wheel. Over his cooking, of course, will have to work hard, but the result will exceed all your expectations.

To proceed with the preparation of Paris-Brest cake, first you need to arm yourself with the necessary ingredients, and it takes a lot of them.

For boiled dough:

  • butter60 g
  • flour120 g
  • Egg3 pieces
  • sugar1 tablespoon
  • almond petals20 g
  • water1 cup
  • Salt

Praline cream:

  • egg yolk2 pieces
  • milk (3.5%)250 ml
  • sugar50 g
  • flour 30 g
  • Praline paste100 g

Buttery cream:

  • butter100 g
  • sugar2 tbsp
  • milk2 tablespoons
  • eggs1 piece


How to cook this delicacy? All the work should be broken down into three phases:

For this test you have to take a container with a thick bottom and mix it with water, sugar, salt and butter. Bring mixture to a boil and add the flour. Do it quickly, stirring constantly with a spatula so as not to have time to form lumps. After it cools down, enter the egg and knead dough. Using a pastry bag or syringe, squeeze the rings on a baking tray, placing them at a distance of 57 cm from each other. Sprinkle with almonds and leave the oven 20 minutes at 356392 F.

Paris-Brest cakes» are unthinkable without the cream with praline, specified in the original recipe. For him, it is necessary to grind the two egg yolks with sugar until a stiff, add small amounts of flour, hot milk and pasta Praline. Boil for 2minutes until thickened.

Cooking cream

Make buttery cream. First prepare the milk syrup. To do this, in the same container, you must mix the milk with the sugar and heat until boiling. Beat the eggsin another, and slowly pour in milk. Let the syrup cool, meanwhile a little to warm up the oil and mix it with the mixer. The resulting mass gradually add syrup, whisking constantly until smooth consistency.

Once ended the preliminary steps, you are ready to collect the cakes. You need to connect two cream filling them cut in half. Top sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy an incredibly soft taste true French dessert.

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