Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffles

Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffles

Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffles

Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffles


According to historical facts, this delicacy was first appeared in ancient Egypt, and were doing it out of dates and honey. In the East, delicious meal consisted of figs and almonds, and ancient Romans decorated their tables with candy, which included nuts with honey, Sesame and poppy seeds.

Such were the candy in antiquity. Nowadays, a variety of chocolates is simply amazing! Today we will talk about truffles. And, of course, not those in abundance can be found on the shelves of supermarkets, and about those who prepare themselves! So I hasten to tell you about how to create a real culinary masterpiece with their own hands and treat family and friends a delicious chocolatetruffles with passion fruit!

To make chocolate truffles with passion fruit, you will need:


  • passion fruit — 2 pieces
  • cream (FAT33 35%) — 60 ml
  • dark chocolate — 230 g
  • Honey — 1 tbsp
  • butter — 30 g
  • cocoa powder, for sprinkling



Black chocolate chop, put in a bowl and set aside. Fruits of passion fruit wash, dry, cut into halves and rub through a sieve. The received mashed potatoes (peeled and seeds) place it in a small saucepan. In a saucepan pour the cream with mashed potatoes and honey, mix all ingredients. Place the pan on the heat and bring mixture to a boil. 4. The boiling cream mixture pour the chopped chocolate. Stir until chocolate is completely dissolved. Add to the pan with the butter, stir again. Cool the received weight and place in refrigerator for at 2:00.

Through the 2:00 spread out chocolate paste into small moulds and put a treatin the freezer for 30 minutes. Short freeze candy easier retrieval of cookie cutters. Before serving sprinkle truffles with cocoa powder passion fruit.



I wish to draw your attention to the fact that when buying passion fruit chooselarge wrinkled fruits with dark purple skin and a sweet yellowish-green seeds.These fruits will have the most intense taste and wonderful aroma.

It is remarkable that the recipe as outlined above can be used as a basis for preparation and other, equally delicious truffles. That is, all components remain unchanged, but the passion you can try replacing the figs, raspberries or blackberries. And imagine the amazed cries of your guests when you offer them astreats for tea is a delightful assortment of truffles with different fillings!

Ready-made candies you can decorate not only the powder from the fruit of the «chocolate tree«. At least will look wonderful truffles covered food gold, nutor wafer crumbs, powdered sugar.

For lovers of chocolate truffles there is another interesting recipe — Truffles in coconut milk

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