Pear in puff pastry — amazing recipes

Pear in puff pastry — amazing recipes

Pear in puff pastry

Pear in puff pastry


Pear in puff pastry will not only decorate your festive table, but will be crowning a romantic dinner. This wonderful dessert and looks impressive, and very tastyTo bake the most delicious spicy pear will need a bit of time, and their cooking is very simple and fun


  • Pears — 4 pieces
  • Dry red wine — 50 ml
  • Water — 1 liter
  • Honey — 50 g
  • Sugar — 100 g
  • Cloves — 2 bud
  • Cinnamon taste
  • Ginger root — 2 cm
  • Puff pastry — 1/4 package
  • Powdered sugar



Prepare syrup: mix the water, honey, wine, sugar, spices and coarsely chopped ginger, bring everything to a boil. Pears cleanse, retaining twig pear cut down, so that it becomes stable. Place the pears in the syrup and cook over low heat for 30 minutes.

Puff pastry to defrost, roll into a long strip and cut lengthwise into 4 pieces (number of pears). Cooked pears removed from the syrup, let them drain. Place pears in the pan, the laid parchment, and a spiral wrap of their test strips. Bake at 356 F for 15 minutes. Ready to put pears on plates, the bottom of which pour a little syrup. On top of pear sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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