Peas with Mint Cream Soup

Peas with Mint Cream Soup

Peas with Mint Cream Soup

Peas with Mint Cream Soup


Don’t know how you and me polka dot just beckons in summer. It is all so young and so green, just no forces to walk past him in the markets and not be tempted to buy a kilo or two bright pods. And then bring home, clean it and cook something delicious. Soup, for example.



  • Onion — 12 pieces
  • Green peas — 1 cup
  • Broth meat or vegetables — 2 cups
  • Salt, pepper to taste
  • Mint — 0.5 Cup
  • Hard cheese — 2 tablespoons rub


A couple of medium-sized onions finely cut and FRY in butter in deep skillet.When the onions become translucent, pour in a pan green peas and stir for five minutes. Then pour the hot broth and add salt and pepper. When the mixture comes to a boil, pour it into a blender, add a handful of mint (leaves only) and switch on the Turbo.

When serving, garnish with peas, mint, or sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.

To this wonderful soup can be made a couple of pieces Three Cheese Bread

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