Pizza dough — fast and easy recipes

Pizza dough — fast and easy recipes 

Pizza dough

Pizza dough

Not mistaken if I say that absolutely all love pizza meat, mushroom, with white or red sauce, more cheese or vegetables, with borders and without. And, of course, many have tried to do it at home. And if filled with issues not raised at all, the recipe of a good test is the biggest mystery.

For two weeks I tried more than 10 pizzas in search of the proper test which will be obtained every time anyone who attempts to do. Here is a simple recipe for pizza dough correctly.


Ingredients for 2 pizzas:

  • Water — 250 ml
  • Olive oil — 2 tbsp
  • Yeast — 2.5 TSP
  • Salt — 2 tsp
  • Flour — 400500 g



An important point is the flour is important! Use so better flour, how much can afford. The correct flour, it is certainly desirable to Italian, grade 00 (zerozero). But with the right approach, the dough will be good from even the mostplain flour.

First prepare the yeast. I used regular in the bag. Breed them in 250 ml of warm water. There you can add a spoonful of sugar, so the yeast work faster.

11 minutes later, you are ready to cook the dough. To do this, pour flour in a cup (it’s so much easier to cook and less excuses afterwards). First pour 400 grams, if necessary, it is better to add than dilute with plain water. Add a spoonful of salt. In the center of the roller coaster make an indentation and pour back all the yeast liquid.

Mix well with a fork, mix and then start kneading the dough with your hands, collecting lumps from the walls. Put the dough between fingers, fold over and over again.

See here, the dough should be slightly sticky, not dry. If necessary, Add flour in small portions. When the dough surely will be collected into one pour olive oil evenly. And again good stir the dough. Don’t add the flour dough first will seem runny/syrupy, continue to mix.

And now the most important secret, keep the dough mix for at least 10 minutes. Simply unroll the slightly Palm, fold in half and unroll it again. No additionalflour and other things it will become very elastic and very smooth.


Test stand

Cover with a damp towel and store in a warm (it is possible for the battery) on32 minutes. Through 32 minutes the dough rise twice, will become more smooth and «fluffy» (air).

Now just put it on the floured surface and unroll the future pizza to a thickness of 23 mm. If you love pizza with bumpers just make small tucks around the perimeter. From the specified quantity of ingredients you can roll out the pizza approximately 30 cm. Or a couple of small.

The main rule of pizza — the maximum possible temperature, minimum time.So feel free to place the greatest temperature that is available in your oven. It is best to bake on the lowest shelf is then browned the bottom dough faster than the tip, which is softer due to vegetables and cheese.

You can use this dough for cooking Pizza Margarita

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