Prawn cutlets — good recipes

Prawn cutlets — good recipes 

Prawn cutlets

Prawn cutlets


These Prawn cutlets are very thin, refined taste. Of them turn out very original burgers, which would become a hit in the fashion party!



  • Frozen shrimps 300 g
  • Green onions3 stalk
  • Eggs2 pieces
  • Bread crumbs50 g
  • Salt, pepper to taste



Take frozen shrimp with boiling water, then coarsely chop with a knife, add three stalk finely chopped green onion, a couple of eggs and bread crumbs so. You can even multicolored bell peppers for brightness. Add salt and pepper, andyour favorite spices well spread with a spoon on a greased hot griddle. Fry over high heat for just a couple of minutes, until lightly browned. That cutlet wereperfectly round and not in pans, use special moulds.

The basis for the original burgers could serve as Universal buns for the burgers and hotdogs


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