Pumpkin Candied Fruit

Pumpkin Candied Fruit

Pumpkin Candied Fruit

Pumpkin Candied Fruit


Candied fruits can be served with tea, add in pastries, cereal, decorate their cakes.



  • Pumpkin1.5 kg (pulp)
  • Sugar800 g
  • Orange 1 piece
  • Water1 cup (200 ml)
  • Cinnamon1 stuck (stick)
  • Citric acid1 pinch
  • Powdered sugarto taste



To ready candied fruits were even more delicious, it is necessary that the pumpkin itself, from which we will do, was very sweet and aromatic. Of course, the ideal would be to use pumpkin, whose shape is similar to a guitar. This sweetorange Belle has an incredible, almost melon aroma.

But don’t worry, if you have a pumpkin is an ordinary, round and not too flavorful. Cinnamon and orange complement the flavor of any pumpkin that nobody will guess what grade you used. The main thing is to choose ripe, dense pumpkin without damage and signs of rotting.

The pumpkin should wash, peel it away from the skin, cutting the pumpkin in half and spoon to take out the seeds and fibers. Then cut the pumpkin slices (corresponding to a thickness of the future cubes) and these slices of rind.

1.5 kg pumpkin flesh cut into cubes the size of not less than 3 on 3 cm. If youmake the size 2 to 2 cm and smaller then when cooked in syrup and drying in the oven get too little and warped pieces of candied fruit. Try to make the cubes were the same size, otherwise the pieces smaller faster semifinals! in the oven to dry, and will stick to the paper.

Diced cubes put in a bowl and pour the sugar a bit deeper. Put the Bowl on thenight in a cold place (in the fridge or on the balcony). Per night pumpkin juice, and let all the sugar dissolves, forming a flavored syrup.

Carefully wash the Orange. Cut it into pieces and remove the bones. Orange slices put in a blender and puréed. Pour the juice from pumpkin in a large saucepan, pour in the water, add the Orange puree, cinnamon stick and a small pinch of citric acid. Stirring constantly, Cook the syrup over low heat and bring it to a boil.

Move the pumpkin cubes in the pan with the boiling syrup. Again, bring to the boil, simmer for 5 minutes, gently stirring the contents.

Turn off the heat and let cool completely (approximately 23 hours don’t bother the pumpkin cubes).

Turn the fire and after boiling boil for 5 minutes cubes. You can not disturb them, but only to remove the foam from the surface of the syrup. Again, turn off the heat and let cool. Repeat this procedure once. The result is a three-pronged approach.

Pour the cooled syrup with pumpkin in sieve with large holes to Orange pulp is not held up on the surface of the pumpkin cubes. Wait a little, allowing fluid to drain well.

Don’t rush pouring Orange syrup. It is very delicious and amiss for impregnation of sponge cake, cooking the marmalade, jellies and drinks. And if it’s still a little boil until the great jam for the filling of pies, pies, as well as suitable as a complement to pancakes.

The baking tray, and the best two (to at once prepare a whole batch of candied fruit), the mould with the parchment paper. Put cubes so that between them there was sufficient space.

Set the oven temperature 250270 F and dry candied fruits around 1:00 Might take a little less time, for example, 4050 minutes (drying time depends on theoven, as well as the sizes and varieties candied pumpkin). Try to control the drying time of the candied fruits and trying them on softness. They should not be too over dried. Remember that after cooling candy will become even firmerand drier.

After the allotted time spent in the oven, remove the baking tray with candied fruits and right on it lightly sprinkle candied icing sugar, so they are not will stick to each other among themselves. Remove the candied fruit with paper and move into a bowl with the icing sugar. Roll them well on all sides. Put in a jar of candied finished with cover and keep at room temperature.

From 1.5 kg pumpkin pulp produces 550 g candied fruit.
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