Recipe for poached eggs

Recipe for poached eggs

Recipe for poached eggs

Recipe for poached eggs

Chicken eggs are available in the refrigerator almost everyone, this product is included in the menu of most ordinary families. You can boil eggs or FRY, but ifthese simple cooking options you are bored, try something new. For example, you can cook poached eggs. And do not think that such a dish could handle only a professional and talented Cook.

What is it?

Poached egg is a traditional French dish, often served for breakfast. Preparingit is very simple, but it is important to observe some rules. Egg, you might say,brewed without the shell, rather not brewed and prepared in hot water. 

Available product

The result is a gentle liquid yolk surrounded by the same gentle, but opaque protein. It is believed that the French word «poached» is translated as «Pocket» or «sack«. Eggs cooked in this way, France is served for breakfast or lunch, as well as used for cooking other dishes.

Important points and especially cooking

How to cook a poached egg properly? There are a few fundamental points:

Water should not boil! Experienced cooks best proved that for cooking eggs poached is high, equal to 97 degrees. For your convenience, you can use a special kitchen thermometer. But you can do everything «by eye«. Watch for water.Once in her small bubbles begin to appear (this process is preceded by zakipaniju, start to cook). Many chefs recommend adding vinegar, it helps the squirrel to clot faster. The amount of vinegar in different recipes. But in one liter of water usually have 1 tea or 1 tablespoon, not more.

An egg needs to break extremely carefully and neatly, to preserve its integrity.Otherwise you have the poached egg and incomprehensible egg porridge.
About the cooking process itself there are several opinions. For example, someadvise to keep egg literally in hot water for one minute and then turn off the fire and hold the egg even 1015 minutes cooling down in the water. Others advise to cook an egg on the low heat for approximately 5 minutes. Which method to choose-you decide. Try everything and find the optimal for you.
Methods of cooking

We offer you different ways of cooking. Select the best and most convenient way for you and use it.

The first way

Relevant in salads

You will need the egg itself and ladle.

Egg poached in kvstrjule

Egg poached in kvstrjule


How to prepare:

Pour into the pan of water and put it on fire. As soon as the water begins to boil, reduce heat to low and add a little vinegar.
Take a ladle and gently break the egg into it, trying not to hurt.
Slowly lower the ladle with the egg in hot water and keep it about 5 minutes.
Remove the Soup ladle, move the egg in a bowl.
By the way, instead you can use the ladle of the other fixtures designed specifically for cooking this dish (moulds). They can be purchased in specialised shops or supermarkets.

The second method

You only need the egg.


egg poached in the mould

egg poached in the mould


How to prepare:

Water in a saucepan, bring to a boil, the initial stage then immediately reduce the heat to low. Add the vinegar.

Now carefully break the egg in a bowl. Hold the egg as close as possible to the plate when broken, so that the protein is not damaged and not peremeshalsjawith yolk.
Now move the plate to the surface of the water and gently pour the egg into the pot so that it has not lost form. Some advise before laying the eggs vigorously stir the water so that in the middle of the pans formed a funnel. This funneland need to pour the egg.
After a minute, turn off the fire, but leave the egg in the water for 10 minutes, then remove with a slotted spoon.


The third method

Use silicone baking moulds. If they figured, then finished the dish would be unusual and creative. The process is roughly the same as in the case of use of theladle. Break the egg into a form and gently immerse it in hot water for 36 minutes.

What to Cook?

Delicious breakfast

Poached eggs are added to Salad and other dishes. In addition, the finished egg can be put on the bread, in the end will turn out tasty, healthy and nutritious sandwich. Eggs can be served with vegetables, with various garnishes. You can combine the poached with fried bacon. You can pour the sauce. By the way, in combination with Hollandaise sauce and toast turn out another favorite French dish — eggbenediktinski.

Poached egg salad

Poached egg salad



  • Dutch sauce
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 100 g butter
  • juice of half a lemon
  • salt, freshly ground white pepper
Egg yolks, butter and lemon juice, salt and pepper rub.
Put in water bath, whisking constantly with a whisk and cook over medium heat until thickened.

Cheese sauce

  • 50 g blue cheese
  • ½ Cup cream
  • A pinch of green pepper
Hot cream cheese and grind to a smooth paste and pepper.

Useful recommendations

Useful tips to help you cope with cooking and make meals healthy and tasty:
Use only fresh eggs! And acquire them better in the audited areas, rather thanon the natural markets. Buying a defective product, you run the risk of contracting salmonellosis. Salmonella bacteria live in the eggs and destroyed only at high temperatures and prolonged thermal treatment (neither cooking eggs poached not implies).
If you think the finished eggs smell like vinegar, then try to get rid of this smell. First, you can simply pour the egg before serving, cold boiled water. Secondly, the egg can be immersed for a few minutes in salted water.
Do not salt water in which are going to cook the egg. The fact of the matter is that salt prevents the coagulation protein, and as a result, instead of a beautiful and neat bag can get egg porridge, as protein is divided into fiber.
Also, some cooks advise to stir the water around the upcoming eggs in a circular motion. But this should be done very carefully to avoid damaging the protein shell of the eggs.
If an egg has a jagged and modifications to the edges, then don’t worry. Just cut them with a knife or scissors.
Do not expect that you will succeed on the first try. Do everything very calmlyand carefully, please be patient and do not despair. On 56-th time you get the perfect poached egg.
If you want to improve the taste of the eggs, then use milk instead of water. But be careful, because in milk eggs will not be visible, that control the process.
Definitely learn to cook poached eggs and gratify their households and, of course, themselves.
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