Red Velvet — best recipes

Red Velvet — best recipes 

Red Velvet

Red Velvet


Just don’t tell that haven’t heard about the Red Velvet!

Mistress note there are many theories about its origin. Some believe that his recipe appeared in the southern part of the United States, someone sure cake recipe originated in the northern part. But we know for sure that this cake has become a favorite dessert of Americans and Canadians in the past decade.

The bright red color of baking helped Red Velvet Cake became known as the Fiendish food. John Mariani in his book, the dictionary of American food and drink, suggests that cake became known as the Fiendish food due to its wonderful taste, which some moralists may consider sinful.

Now explain why it is ultra popular dessert. Look at appearance: bright red cake layers and white cream. Classic cake covered with cream on the outside, but I wanted to cause more expression and passion, so did his «naked«. He is incredibly bright and catchy, I know of no other such a cake, at least a little similar.

It has a very porous and moist cake, they literally conceal in his mouth, but the chip isn’t even in it. The trick in a small amount of cocoa, which is added to thedough, but masked in red. That is, biting off a piece, do you expect anything but not chocolate aftertaste. This is a cake that is cheating and surprises again and again.



  • Flour — 340 g
  • Sugar — 300 g
  • Cocoa — 1 tablespoon
  • Salt — 1/4 TSP
  • Baking powder — 2 teaspoons
  • Soda — 1 tsp
  • Eggs — 3 pieces
  • Vegetable oil — 300 g
  • Buttermilk/yogurt — 280 g
  • Gel stain — 2 teaspoons



  • Cheese — 340 g
  • Butter — 115 g
  • Powdered sugar — 100 g
  • Vanilla extract — 2 tsp



In a bowl, combine flour, sugar, cocoa, salt, baking soda and baking powder. Then add three eggs, vegetable oil without scentless and buttermilk. I replaced her fatty cream 33% (150 g) and sour cream 20% (130 g). And at the end of Red food coloring. Best quality and gives the result AmeriColor Red Red (or SuperRed).

For this amount of dough it took me about 1.5 teaspoons -2 gel coloring. Heredo not feel sorry for, the dough should be bright red. Well all the stir with mixer.

The dough will be quite liquid, do not worry, the way it should be. Leave it for1020 minutes, the thing is that soda will need some time to react with the dairy ingredient.


 batter for the cake

batter for the cake


Form grease with butter, and lay on the bottom of the parchment. And pour the required amount of dough. I did three for 16 see shortcake Either it will be two to 18. To be entirely by professionals first weigh the empty bowl and then Bowl with ready-made dough. Through mathematical calculations you will understand how much dough pour in the form on each cake.

Bake at 340 F minutes 20. Watch carefully. I’m on 15 minutes was the check stick. As soon as he became a dry out, took shape. Let cool 2 minutes shortcake in the form, and then pull gently the Shortcake on the grill.

Form let cool (for examplecold water), again, butter the parchment on the bottom and pour a new portion of the test. When cake has cooled, wrap each foil and store in refrigerator for at 2:00.


Cut cakes

Cut cakes


After two hours, remove the cake and gently cut the topmost likely it rises only a little in the Center. Then you can coat cream shortcakes and collect the cake. Show you how I did.

That cake was beautiful naked, you need to trim the ends (they darken and become more Brown than red). You can simply trim off the thin layer of knife, butI cut the metal ring is the only way to get all the layers of the same shape and size.

Repeat the same with the rest of the shortcakes. Again, if you cover it with cream exteriorBoca do not cut, this is still no one will appreciate.



When preparing cream stick to the main and sole rules — a very cold cheese and very soft butter (fat content 82.5%, only cream in composition).

That is, it is better to leave the whole night cheese in the refrigerator, so it wascold and hard enough. And oil on the contrary for a couple of hours (night) hold in the kitchen on the table to make it soft and pliable. Only under such conditions will turn out an excellent cream with delicate texture and taste. The easiest course of action lay down the ingredients in the bowl and whip with mixeruntil homogeneity. For it will take 57 minutes.

If you walked in my path, then prepare the deep ice cream bowls or wide cups.Trim the winning cakes into small pieces into 23 cm hands, spread a layer of such pieces, top, cream and so to the top. This is a great way to recycle all trimming (not only in this recipe). While taste is the same, and dessert two.

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