Rice: harm or benefit?

Rice: harm or benefit?




Hot details about the properties of rice.
The ubiquity of brown rice more eclipsing second role of his white fellow. Started talk that Brown rice is more useful and less calories and about white you need to forget, how about a bad dream. We understand the issue with the help of Yulia Chehoninoj, candidate of medical sciences, doctor, nutritionist, nutritional therapy Clinicresearcher Institute of nutrition RAMS.

Benefits of rice

White rice is not harmful: it contains no toxic substances, however, and mineral (potassium, iron and B vitamins) after grinding is not much. In grainy grits the right body more elements: they remain under wraps. But don’t eat grits, for example, as a source of potassium. To make up for the daily need, need to eat very muchand it will affect the shape. And iron is better absorbed from animal products. On predominance of useful substances in the first place among cereals, brown rice buckwheat stands slightly behind.

Rice calories

Product can hardly be called a diet. 100 g grits is about 350 kcal as other grains. Brown rice less calories, but the difference is small (within 3050 kcal): due to the fact that deprived white shell groats weighs more.

Eat your rice correctly

Generally, rice is a good thing, but it is not necessary to give preference to the detriment of other krupam. If your goal is to lose weight, choose Brown, but ogranich’its consumption to 200 grams per day.

Rice is the perfect garnish for Baked salmon

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