Salted trout — easy recipes

Salted trout — easy recipes 

Salted trout

Salted trout


Salted trout is lovely and not the most expensive alternative salted chiefly trout, doing that lately has become embarrassingly expensive. Buying big, under a couple of kilo, an instance of the rainbow trout, can cook two large pieces of high-grade saltwater fish, you and your entire family will be eating for a few days. Fortunately, salt trout at home as simple as salmon, but there are a couple ofnuances: still, even big trout fillets are thinner than salmon, and fish it is less oilybut display the ideal formula recipe not too difficult.


Difficulty — low
Time — 10 min + 20 hours


  • 6 servings
  • 1 kg. Trout Fillet on the skin
  • 2 tablespoons coarse sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar


If you wish:

  • 1 tablespoon pink peppercorns
  • a few sprigs of dill



If you cannot buy ready-made Trout Fillet, gently cut the fillets from whole fishand explore the tweezers to pull out the bones. Slice the fillet pieces under the size of the container, which will be salting trout — plastic is quite suitable — and sprinkle each of them chopped dill and slightly crushed pink peppercorns. If you wish, of course, you can salt and trout without dill, and without pepper, or replace the pink pepper blackyou decide. How to choose, mix large sea salt and sugar in a separate bowl and pour a little of this mixture on the bottom of the container.

Place the container in a piece of fillet skin down, pour the mixture of salt and sugar, and cover with the second piece is the skin upwards. Another layer of salt, then another piece of fillet skin down, again, skin fillets salt up, and so until the fish won’t end. Remove the container in the refrigerator through the drain10:00 extracted liquid and turn the fish over to uniform salting, and through 20 hours removefrom the fridge, quickly rinse and wipe each fillet with a tissue to remove excess salt. Cut salted trout into thin slices and eat with pleasure, as well as with Purple bread or croutons. Salted trout tastes best during the first two to three days, so during this time, it’s better to eat it.

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