Sangria — simple recipes

Sangria — simple recipes




Sangria invented Spanish fruit pickers. They added to the flask of wine grape juice and spring water. The resulting cocktail is quenches thirst, but did not lead to severe intoxication, allowing you to work in the Sun. Times have changed, now this drink enjoy people worldwide. Easy recipe lets you make this drink at home.


We will need:

  • red wine — 1 liter
  • apple clarified juice — 2 liters
  • orange — 1 piece
  • Mandarin — 1 piece
  • kiwi — 1 piece
  • banana — 1 piece
  • black grapes — 100 g
  • cinnamon — 2 sticks


Kiwi fruit peeled and cut into slices. Banana peel and cut into slices. Orange and mandarin cut slices with the skin.

Sliced fruits equally decompose in two 2 liter jars, grapes cut in half. Add the cinnamon. Pour the juice and wine. Infuse 2-6 hours, but not less than 30 minutes.

Ready to pour sangria into a pitcher with fruit and serve. Your guests will be delighted!

You can also make a non-alcoholic cocktail, adding more juice instead of wine. From fruits and berries you can still cook Berry frappe

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