Seafood Pate — easy healthy recipes

Seafood Pate — easy healthy recipes

Seafood Pate

Seafood Pate


Diet and healthy seafood Pate for seafood lovers! Very tasty, fragrant, low-calorie to weight watchers, those who lose weight or adhering to a healthy diet!
The Pate can prepare any seafood. I have in the fridge were shrimp and a piece of salmon. A very delicate flavor and a nice pinkish colour of the paste will make you cook it as an appetizer for any holiday. Spreading Pate to even the most ordinary bread or crackers and garnished with a little caviar, you get a refined and very tasty snack!.



Shrimp — 20 pieces

Red fish fillet (salmon, salmon, trout— 600 g
Mascarpone — 200 g
Thyme — 5 g
Lemon juice — 5 ml
1 sprig Rosemary
Dill — 5 g



Clean shrimp, thawed if necessary. Fish fillets a bit Saute on medium heat along with the branches of Rosemary and thyme, previously with salt and pepper.Place the fish in the bowl and chop to monotonous mass. Add the fish, moskarpone cheese and minced dill, mix.

Saute shrimp in a small fire to a pleasant pinkish color. Cut into small pieces, add to the bulk and stir. If Pate turned out bland, you can add a few drops of lemon juice. Serve chilled.

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