Shrimp Risotto Balls — simple food recipes

Shrimp Risotto Balls — simple food recipes 

Shrimp Risotto Balls

Shrimp Risotto Balls


It is very tasty! Plus this recipe that you use a minimum of ingredients, time it takes very little. Want to make a joke that this cold dish. It is made from yesterday’s (a disordered) risotto and eat it too, better cooled down, so the taste of shrimp paste is revealed even better, and rice did not overpower the flavor, but only complements it.


  • Risotto — 400 g
  • Shrimp 500 g
  • Cornstarch — 50 g
  • Oil for frying — 300 ml



It’s simple — clean raw shrimp. Shells do not dispose of them turn out excellentbroth risotto with seafood for the future. Chop the shrimp in a blender into a viscous thick paste. At this point, add salt and pepper to taste.


Formation of shrimp balls

Wet hands to form small balls of risotto. The more cheese you added yesterday, the better they will stick together. From shrimp paste roll «clothes« for balls, the thickness of about 5 mm. And risotto are wrapping into a paste. The finished balls, then roll in starch, the coat should be very thin, we do not need a stable batter.


Formation of shrimp balls

Formation of shrimp balls


In a small saucepan (so faster and more efficiently) heat oil to 356 f. and dropballs on 57 minutes (stir occasionally to all FRY evenly).

Once appeared golden crust, remove the beads and remove excess fat paper towel. The flavor turns out perfect! Rice and seafood is the best of friends. As an experiment can try different sizes and even shape, someone more love the thin sticks, and someone major balls. Let me remind youserve cold, you can with a glass of white! Bon appétit.

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